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Random Thoughts By Patti G 090613

Postby PBNGJNG » Fri Sep 06, 2013 12:43 pm

Before I ramble on with my thoughts about this last episode of the season, I think it calls for a bit of fanfare. I would like to thank the People at Prospect Park for getting AMC back to the viewers and bringing the show into the 21st century. Thanks to all the writers and producers and all the behind the scene staff that work so hard and have done an admirable job with this first season. A special kudos to the writers in the keeping a eye on the show’s past and character’s history while bringing the stories current. I want to thank the actors who took a leap of faith and signed on for this new venture. I am hoping that more of your fellow cast mates will join you this season. A nod also has to go out to the viewers who have proven to that Prospect Park was right in taking on this project, and that we viewers of AMC are a loyal bunch.

There were some bumps at the beginning of the season. Some viewers objected to the profanity. I myself did not mind it when it was used sparingly and within context but I don’t miss it. The same was true of the more liberal sex scenes which also upset some viewers and have been toned down as well.

Now onto my Random Thoughts….

Angie is right, without Tad (or maybe with him) and his all-purpose Detective Agency, Jesse is a shoe in for all the local residents business.

Maybe some of the men in Pine Valley should take a cue from the song “if you like it better put a ring on it.”

If Miranda wants AJ she better speak up, and Heather really needs to dial it down a notch.

We need some explanations as to why people are living where they are (Dixie at The Chandlers), where some characters are (i.e., Kathy, Gabby) What is Adam doing exactly? If they are not going to be able to get back original actors for some of the characters or recast them then WE the viewers need a more plausible explanation as to where they are or more precisely why they aren’t there. I still don’t understand why Brooke and Adam nor Dixie and Tad are not married after five years.

It is nice t see Colby can be kind when she wants to. Her friendship with Cassandra is very genuine.

Why is JR paying for Oliver’s medical bills? Just to impress Cara or out of guilt over stealing her prescription pad?

If Brooke does get together with Dimitri she will once again be getting Erica’s hand me downs.

Honestly I never understood what is so great about Brooke. She is attractive, smart, loyal and true but so is a good dog. I also think they dress Brooke very frumpy.

I don’t understand exactly why Count Andrassi (Dimitri) would want a job working for the Chandlers? He must have supported himself all these years doing whatever he did in the past. He is a Count for goodness sakes.

David is right about one thing. If Jesse keeps lying to Angie she will reach the end of the line with him (at least for awhile) long enough for David and her to have some sort of dalliance.

I thought for a season ending episode the show was a dud until the very end, Tad is returning!!!! It just dawned on me what the title of the episode meant. I really feel stupid not seeing it till it was right in front of me.

See you next season. Look for my Fan Fiction Episodes.

Patti G

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