2 week binge- here are my thoughts

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2 week binge- here are my thoughts

Postby taralske » Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:03 pm

Here are my thoughts on my 2 week binge:

1) Dmitri... holy smokes... i'm developing a little crush. Which is weird, because back when he was with erica i never saw what she saw in him.

2) I miss the old JR. the new one reminds me of a math teacher and i just can't picture him being a bad guy.

3) I finally feel like the show is back. They had a big gala, all the characters were there (more or less) and story lines are beginning to merge. (i'm 100 percent positive the celia story and the "closed off and brooding" doctor with glasses stories will merge.

4) what the heck is up with Adam's 12 minute return? An Adam/JR faceoff would have been wicked awesome to witness... but we just got the cliffnotes from JR. I know that the actors' schedules are weird and the writers have to work around them... but what the heck? He has like 2 lines and then is back on a plane?

5) did i mention that Dmitri is smoking hot? He could do so much better than brook.

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