Random Thoughts By Patti G 081613

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Random Thoughts By Patti G 081613

Postby PBNGJNG » Fri Aug 16, 2013 10:31 am

Heather is right, those shoes Miranda is wearing Rocked!

Miranda seems to have combined the best of Bianca’s sweetness with the beauty and flair of Kendall and Erica.

Love Colby’s hair curly. Her dress was incredible on her.

How many times and ways can Pete tell Celia he wants her and not Colby?

Where was Opal when Angie came in? Isn’t she manning the Red Carpet?

I like that Joe stepped in again protecting a woman. First it was with Billy Clyde for Dixie, then he there for Cara when she was scared of David and now protecting Angie from the reporter.

I can see now with Angie going to The Gala alone and Jesse drinking alone that their troubles are just starting and David will wind up coming between them.

Zach and Miranda’s closeness is going to make things even tougher when she finds out the truth about Michael and that Zach was in on the deception (along with others of course) to keep it from her. She obviously thinks that Uncle Zach hung the moon just for her.

Dixie does have her reasons to hate David but he did through his Orpheaus Project bring her back to life and her family. Have some gratitude.

Thank you Evelyn for speaking up and telling both Opal and Colby to butt out of Celia and Pete’s business.

Opal you go girl! Telling Colby at 21 no one could hold a candle to Opal Purdy!

Billy Clyde said to Jesse if I had a child. Isn’t Emily Ann Sago the biological daughter of Estelle Latoure and Billy Clyde? This obviously goes way back in the shows history so if I am wrong please let me know.

I like Billy Clyde becoming respectable. Wish he would trim that moustache though. Is it possible he bid on Pete for Celia?

Vincent Irizarry just gets better looking with age.

Tad is in so deep undercover that can’t break his breaking it? Usually you see that with police or other law enforcement who go deep undercover for long periods of time to catch a criminal. I am now very curious what Tad’s story will be.

Thank you Zach for telling Miranda the obvious about AJ.

So any one surprised JR lost it at The Gala?

WOW I didn’t think we were going to see Adam. And he is not happy! Adam’s look at JR scared the hell out of me. He must have ripped JR a new one in the study.

Where is Brooke taking that bowl of flowers? I noticed the bowl of candy next to it and everyone who watches soaps knows that there was a reason for it being there.

Cara has the largest eyes I have ever seen on a person. Did anyone else notice that rhinestone at the back of Cara’s neck? What was that?

Cara is going to figure out what is wrong with JR and I hope it is not in a way harmful to her.

Guess Dr Anders is wearing contacts instead of his Clark Kent glasses? I guess they are trying to ungeek him to make a romantic storyline with Dixie

OMG! When I saw Jesse walk in drunk as a skunk and seeing Angie dancing with David. Looks like JR wasn’t the only “entertainment” tonight.

Finally Celia showed some spunk and fought back dumping Colby with water.

One thing about a party in Pine Valley it is always entertaining.

I called it before, saying David was going to run into Oliver (his son)while at The Gala. Will he feel any special connection with him?

From the two episodes and upcoming sneak peaks, it looks like all the women are getting involved with men who aren’t their husband and/or boyfriend. Dixe and Dr. Anders, Brooke and Dimitri, Angie and David.

Well that is about all for now. Have a great week!

Patti G

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