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Random Thoughts By Patti G 080513

Postby PBNGJNG » Fri Aug 09, 2013 10:40 pm

Giving Opal something to do on the show is wonderful, a Red Carpet interviewer? Her own Talk Show? That I question.

It is great David Canary came back to the show even for brief time but it sort of locked Brooke in. I hear something is in the works for Brooke, Dimitri and Adam in the upcoming season so let us hope things will get interesting.

I liked Miranda bringing up the past to David.

Dr. Anders hopefully has a good story coming up. Who is that girl in the picture. Will Dixie be a part of this story?

I understand Dixie wants to protect Cassandra but Dr. Anders is correct that if there is nothing medically wrong with her she has no reason to be in the hospital. Now she needs to either go home to her family to continue therapy and/or find a place for her to go to get additional help.

Really JR stealing a prescription sheet? Do you even know how to write something out that would pass at a pharmacy? I don’t think so. Erica stole Maria’s prescription pad years ago when she was addicted to pills and that didn’t work out so well.

Having David at the Mansion for the Gala might put him in a position to see Oliver, his son. If he does will he feel a connection to him?

David sure can bring out the old mean as a junkyard dog JR like nobody else.

Based on Celia’s flashbacks maybe Colby has more to worry about then she thinks with Celia?

I am beginning to think Billy Clyde really wants to be a better man and is using Palmer as a guide to measure up to.

I guess the couple walking right past AJ and Heather into The Gala were “nobody’s”.

Must be nice to have handcuffs ready when you want to keep a man to talk to about something and not have him get away, right Lea?

Despite Zach being angry at Lea for turning on Jesse, I think he does respect that she has certain values that keep her on the right path. While Zach is always one to bend rules I believe he does respect people who commit to something and don’t sway their beliefs on a whim.

I also like that both Lea and Zach put the brakes on things. Zach is still not over Kendall and Lea might have some issues herself. I am guessing that right after they do get together that is when Kendall will make her next appearance.

Once again a person puts a necklace on someone and they do it perfectly the first time and in 2 seconds. I guess we know who is going to bid on that necklace and who will wind up getting it, right?

I know they don’t have the full cast of yesterday to throw out but it seems like this party is very light on “A List” guests. They just don’t have the bodies to fill out the party like they used to.

Nice! I spotted Joe Martin in the background.

Heather is bidding on Pete? One, isn’t Celia her BFF and second, I guess she has more money that we were led to believe. I know she goes to the private school but she is already up to $800 in the Auction.

So who placed the bid for Celia, Billy Clyde or her Guardian?

Dress Review:

 Cara – Nice but looks like she was wrapped like a mummy
 Brooke – Very nice nothing spectacular. A Very safe choice
 Colby – Very daring like you would expect from hr, liked her hair curly and having David on her arm doesn’t hurt either. I see Colby is doing an Angelina Joie pose on the Red Carpet.
 Heather’s dress and hair look like she is going to the prom in the 50’s.
 Opal’s dress has way too much going on. If she would lose the boa that would help immensely.
 Dixie looks lovely but it seems like the theme for the night is neutral colors.
 Celia – loved her dress. Like Miranda’s it had a wonderful summer quality about it.

Well that is about all for now. Have a great week!

Patti G

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