Random Thoughts By Patti G 072613

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Random Thoughts By Patti G 072613

Postby PBNGJNG » Wed Jul 24, 2013 4:15 pm

Maybe it’s me but I don’t think Colby is that hot.

AJ and Miranda really need to talk about their feelings regarding each other.

Like JR needs steroids to make him angrier than he normally is.

Love that Billy Clyde still has messy hair.

After the way Colby had treated Pete in the past when he wasn’t a “hunk” I would not give her the time of day now if I were him.

The beach was certainly is not very crowed.

Maybe it’s me but I find David way too old to be having sex with Colby.

I find Pete confessing his love for Celia after such a short time knowing her a bit much.

I forgot that Colby, Pete and Cassandra were friends in the past. Just when I found nothing I like about Colby her moment with Cassandra was very sweet.

It struck me in a big way when Cassandra was telling Colby that she was raped repeatedly, watching Colby’s expression. She (Colby) thinks nothing of jumping into bed with a man or using sex to get what she wants. Seeing Cassandra’s pain perhaps now she understands the ugliness of what sex can be.

Dr. Joe and Billy Clyde are a fun pair to watch. I am glad they brought Dr. Joe back and seem to be giving him something to do.

Intentionally or not, David is really moving in emotionally on Angie.

While Dixie still has her doubts about Billy Clyde, (and she should) her thank you letter to him for stepping up for her grandson was a decent thing for her to do.

Well that is about all for now. Have a great week!

Patti G

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