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Random Thoughts By Patti G 071213

Postby PBNGJNG » Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:43 pm

I am curious as to why after 5 years, both Dixie and Tad as well as Brooke and Adam have not married.

It has been said before that when you see a couple innocently touch each other on the show that it foretells a future relationship. Well this week, Angie and David as well as Brooke and Dimitri touched. I can see distance coming between Angie and Jesse and when she finds out about his ties to Uri (as well intentioned as they were) will that push her towards David? David does have a history of swooping in when married couples are having issues. As far as Dimitri and Brooke, well she is not married to Adam and I can see them getting closer by the day.

Why would Opal think that if Pete wants some space and moves out of the mansion, that her becoming his neighbor would be a good idea?

Loved seeing Alicia return as Kendall. I know it is only for a short time and I wonder if she will have any interaction with Zach. Bianca originally went away to attend some conference, was that even true or was she always going to see Kendall? Where is Gabby?

Love the teen triangle between AJ, Miranda and Heather. AJ has developed stronger feelings for Miranda than just friend/brother. Miranda is feeling a bit jealous about AJ’s feelings for Heather. Poor Heather can’t get AJ to see her any more than just a friend.

I am thinking that Cassandra’s pregnancy could tie in with Miranda learning about her origins. Perhaps Bianca might be better to counsel her on what to do.

I often find that when characters are just talking to each other trying for normal conversation it always sounds very ackward to me.

How long do we really think that Cara can hide her Mom and her and David’s son from being found out?

I really get annoyed with the residents of Pine Valley when they conveniently forget how David saved some many of their lives of lives of loved ones. This was especially true during Brooke’s interview with David. Does she not forget that he preformed a heart transplant on her daughter Laura?

Well that is about all for now. Have a great week!

Patti G

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