Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #15

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Fan Fiction By Patti G Episode #15

Postby PBNGJNG » Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:55 pm


Scene 1:

Barnett finishes telling Jesse the whole story.

“I can’t believe it!” say Jesse. How the hell are we going to break this to Angela?” Jesse says.

“I think we better bring David in on this, just in case. It would be best to have him there to first answer any medical questions, but worse case scenario we need a doctor for Angie.” say Barnett.

Scene 2:

Zoey is at her blackjack table dealing to a few players. One of which has had a bit too much to drink.

“Hey, doll,” he says. “What’s with these lousy cards you been dealing me?” says the player.

“Perhaps, you might try taking a break and getting something to eat at the restaurant,” suggests Zoey.

“Are you suggesting I’m drunk?” says the gentleman.

“No sir, of course not,” says Zoey. “I am just suggesting you take a dinner break and try again at the table a little later.”

The gentleman gets angry and jumps up and reaches out across the table to lunge at Zoey. The next minute he grabs her and starts to shake her. Suddenly a man grabs the gentleman from behind. It is Zach and he quickly pulls the man off of Zoey and throws him to the ground.

“Get up and get out of my casino,” says Zach. “I never want to see your face in here again.”

The man quickly gets up and pulls himself together and makes a hasty retreat with the Casino security right at his heels.

“Are you okay?” Zach asks Zoey.

“Yes, I am fine, thank you. I think he scared me more than anything else.” says Zoey to Zach.

“Why don’t you call it a night,” says Zach.

“I am not even half way finished with my shift yet.” she says.

“That is okay, you will be paid for the entire night, just go home and relax,” says Zach.

When Zoey has left Zach walks behind the table and looks down and sees something on the floor. He picks it up and realizes it is Zoey’s locket, the one that looked familiar to him. Some instinct makes him pop the locket open, and what Zach sees inside shocks him!

Scene 3:

Jesse, David and Barnett are standing outside of the Hubbard’s house. All of them are on edge not knowing how this is going to play out.

“I think it is best if I make the introductions,” says Jesse to David and Barnett.

“I appreciate both of your support here,” Barnett says to Jesse and David. “Believe me, I never had any intention of hurting Angie. That is primarily the reason I stayed away all these years. Now however the time to face the truth has come. I just hope what I tell her will give her some peace..”

To be continued…….

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