Fan Fiction Episode #14

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Fan Fiction Episode #14

Postby PBNGJNG » Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:08 pm


Scene 1:

David and Barnett are in David’s office.

“Did you get the results of my blood tests?” asks Barnett.

“Yes, I did,” says David. “It is not looking that good for you.”

“Can you help me?” Barnett wants to know.

David tells him that he believes a modified version of his formula might help. David asks Barnett “Are you willing to try?”

Barnett tells David that he puts himself in David’s care.

David has one more question. “Are you going to speak to Angie or am I?” “I will not proceed with this case unless Angie is informed of the danger she might be in.”

Barnett tells David he will speak to Angie immediately.

Scene 2:

Jesse is still confused by way Angie’s brother’s file would be sealed by the FBI. What could he have done or be involved with? Jesse does not want to tell Angie anything until he has the facts. Just telling her that her long lost brother is not only alive but in Pine Valley will be a shock enough. If he does not have the rest of the answers to this puzzle it will only be worse. Jesse decides he must confront Barnett directly and together they will speak to Angie. Jesse obviously has no idea how bad the problem is.

Scene 3:

AJ is lying by the pool at Casa Chandler when Emma Lavery strolls in unannounced.

“Well don’t you look handsome,” says Emma to AJ.

“What are you doing here Emma?” AJ asks

“I just thought on such a beautiful summer day I would come over and take advantage of my close friends AJ and his lovely pool.”

“Where is Miranda?” Emma asks AJ.

“She went out to California to spend time with Erica, she will be gone a few weeks.”

“Wow,” says Emma. “I wish I could trade places with Miranda, I would rock out in LA.”

“Well I guess you’ll never know, now will you,” AJ snipes at Emma.

“You realize AJ, that if my Mom had married your Dad five years ago, we would have been Step brother and sister.” “I am glad they didn’t because now we can have much more fun.”

Scene 4:

Jesse knocks on the door to Barnett’s room at the Yacht Club. Barnett after a few moments answers. He does not seem so surprised to see Jesse standing there.

“May I come in?” Jesse asks him. “I think we have a lot to talk about.”

Barnett waves Jesse in and offers him a drink. Jesse declines but he takes a seat.

“How long have you known?” asks Barnett.

“Just got the confirmation earlier.” says Jesse. “I thought before I went to Angela with the news I would give you a chance to explain yourself.”

Barnett laughs, “I have to say that is very generous of you, to give me an opportunity to explain things.”

“I love my wife, Barnett,” says Jesse. “I will not have you do anything to hurt her. So if there is something in your past or present that is going to hurt my wife, I want to know about it first.”

To be continued…….

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