Fan Fiction Episode #13

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Fan Fiction Episode #13

Postby PBNGJNG » Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:02 pm


Scene 1:

Jesse walks into the station and hands one of his officers a plastic bag with a glass inside. He tells him to take this down to fingerprinting and run the prints and get him the results ASAP.

Scene 2:

Zoey is at her Blackjack table working her shift and she notices a man approach her and recognizes him as her boss, Zach Slater. Zach eventually walks over to her table and introduces himself to her. Zoey says hello and asks if everything is okay? Zach tells her everything is fine, he knows she worked for his Casino in Las Vegas and transferred here. Zoey tells Zach that she appreciates the transfer here to Pine Valley. Zach asks her how she is doing settling into a new town, Pine Valley is not exactly like what she is used to. Zoey tells Zach she is finding the town very nice and thinks she will be happy here. As Zach is about to leave he notices the locket Zoey is wearing and tells her it is very pretty. As he walks away he feels like he has seen that locket some where before.

Scene 3:

Brot and Tim meet at the Station and introduce themselves. Brot tells Tim that he knows that his Dad was a Detective here a long time ago and that Brot and Natalia are friends with his sister Amanda and her husband Jake. Tim tells Brot that Amanda mentioned that to him when he was visiting her. Brot notices Tim trying not to stare at his face but can’t quite pull it off. Brot tells Tim that it is all right if he wants to know what happened. Tim says no, that it is not important. However Brot feels like it is to Tim, so he suggests they go take a walk and get a cup of coffee and Brot will tell him the whole story so it is out in the open and they can start to try and work together as a team.

Scene 4:

An officer knocks on Jesse’s office door and walks in. He gives Jesse a file and leaves. It is the results of the finger print check. Jesse opens the file and starts to read. He suddenly stops, as he can’t believe what it says. This can’t be right. Ted Barnett’s fingerprints come back as a match for a Theodore Baxter; Angie’s long lost brother. Jesse goes an enters the name into his computer and is astonished to find that the file on Ted Barnett AKA Ted Baxter has been Federally sealed.

To be continued.....

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