Fan Fiction Story Episode #11

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Fan Fiction Story Episode #11

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Scene 1:

Zoey Carson sat in the apartment she shared with her Mom all her life. Now it was all packed up with stuff being either donated to charities or set to be stored till Zoey figures out where she is going. Las Vegas has been her home all her life, and while she loves her job as a Black Jack dealer at the Season’s West, she was thrilled that they found a position for her at the Season’s East in Pine Valley. Zoey has never been to the East Coast and the only time she has heard of Pine Valley was reading Erica Kane’s autobiographies. Well one thing is for sure; she would never be meeting any of those exciting people Ms. Kane writes about in her books. Now with her mother gone, Zoey is all-alone in the world.

Scene 2:

The Shift Manager is giving Zoey the tour of the Casino and going over the schedule when she accidentally bumps into a handsome young man.

“I am so sorry,” Zoey says.

“Not a problem, answers the young man.

The Shift Manager tells Zoey that they are all done and she is to report for work that night at 8pm.

Zoey is on her way out of the Casino when she “runs” into that same young man.

Are you new here?” asks the young man.

“Yes I am new to the Casino and in fact new to Pine Valley.” She tells him. I am actually on my way to look at an apartment, so far I have had no luck finding anything.

The young man tells her that he might have an idea. He lives at a really nice Boarding House run by a wonderful woman named Opal. If she wanted he could call Opal and find if she has any rooms’ available. Zoey says that would be great.

The young man tells her it is no problem, and by the way my name is Griffin Castillo.

Scene 3:

David just stares at Barnett not believing what he just told him.

Barnett looks at David and tells him he knows this must be a big shock to him. Especially now that he knows Angie and David are friends.

“I am sorry that it took me so long to confide in you,” says Barnett. “I just wasn’t sure if I believed you might be able to help me and would it be worth the risk of revealing my identity,” he tells David.

After getting over his initial shock, David asks Barnett if Angie knows? He has not always been close to her but I don’t remember anyone mentioning Angie had a brother.

Barnett tells David Angie has not actually seen him since he came to town and even if she had, she probably would not have recognized him since he has been gone since he was 17 years old. She was only a few years younger than he was when he left home.

David finally has to ask Barnett what happened to him that he has stayed away all these years and changed his identity?

Barnett sits back and asks David if he has some time to hear the whole story. Then he can decide what he wants to do as far as taking him on as a patient and for the time being keeping his identity a secret.

To Be Continued...

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