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Random Thoughts By Patti G 051613

Postby PBNGJNG » Thu May 16, 2013 4:53 pm

Once again Debbie Morgan shows us how great an actress she is with that scene where Jesse tells her about Cassandra.

I love rewriting history, Zach and Erica got a gag order to block info regarding Miranda’s father. As I said last week, anyone with the Internet could look up and find out Bianca was raped, and even if they did block Miranda’s paternity, it wouldn’t take that big a leap to figure out who her father was. Wait till Miranda finds out Bianca was the one who killed him. What do you bet it is AJ that finds out and decides to hold it back from Miranda? Then when she does find out, besides being pissed at Bianca etc, she will be ticked off at AJ as well for not telling her. This will also probably happen right when their friendship starts to get more romantic.

So people think that David shot his daughter Marissa, and not JR? Why would David have shot her?

Do you think Adam finally sealed up the tunnels?

Hate to say this but so far, JR looks and sounds like a real dork. Does he really think he could kill Marissa, wake up from a coma and there would be no ramifications? He is talking to Brooke and Dixie about recuperating and getting back to work like he has done nothing wrong.

I like in some ways the shorter episodes; it makes every minute count. No wasted dialog or bull.

Dixie really needs to stop babying JR. He is a grown man who screwed up. Let him take his punishment. If people hadn’t always covered for JR growing up maybe he would have learned his lesson a long time ago. AJ is the only one who has the guts to say that people have covered for his Dad his whole life.

Opal is just as bad about babying “Petey”. Come on, he has a scratch on his face! Please, she makes it sound like he was horribly disfigured. What is wrong with these mothers? Was Opal just purposely trying to get Celia in trouble going to Bramwell and talking to Evelyn or is she just that stupid? No, she is definitely just trying to protect her “Petey” from the big bad guardian. Will you please let these Mothers allow their offspring to grow up? Please stop calling him Petey.

I have to say I love this new relationship between Angie and David.

People seem divided on the issue of the characters swearing. I don’t want to see it used all the time just because they can now, but in the right situations it makes the dialog between the characters more realistic.

Okay, Celia did not just say “Ditto”? Again with Peter’s face, it is a scratch people!

So we now have met Lea, and she is FBI! It looks like Zach’s new love interest is going to be a challenge before she falls for Zach. It would take me under a second to fall into his arms. (Oops! Did I just say that?) It will be interesting after she and Zach become involved if Kendall returns. She and Lea look like they could go toe to toe. Oh and I love Zach’s line to Lea “You like it in the back?” It looks like TK is really enjoying these stripper scenes as well as the new freedom the internet affords the actors.

Did Dixie really say “I hope this room isn’t a trigger for JR?” Really?

Is Evelyn part of Bramwell or is she the guardian’s guardian? Maybe she is the guardian? It is obvious since they made it a point that we did not see the pictures on the locket that we might recognize who her parents were. Also, Celia was told that her parents were killed, that does not mean that is the truth.

Would Cassandra even know what a Snuff film is?

Well that is about all for now. Have a great week!

Patti G

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