The AMC Soap Dish (Dish, Diss or Bashing OK)

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The AMC Soap Dish (Dish, Diss or Bashing OK)

Postby Moonchild63 » Tue May 14, 2013 2:19 pm

I love the Soaps (AMC, OLTL & GH)- so I will have the Soap Dish thread on each! I am new to the message boards and sheknows, but not to the Soaps (to date myself I remember when Dark Shadows turned into the Edge of Night!) an as I do not FB or Twitter, but would like to get my dish, diss and/or bash on with the BEST FANS EVER, I guess this will do.

As there are already guidelines to/on the Message Boards - you know wht & wht not to do here, yet I understand some don't like spoilers, some love David and some just love to HATe HIM and although they are glad they are back some can't help but bash - I can deal with it if you who dare to

TREAD my Soap Dish THREAD :D - can!

Bring your A game to the Soap Dish - be thoughtful or thought provoking, lively & keep it REAL (LOL ;) )

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