Fan Fiction Story Episode #9

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Fan Fiction Story Episode #9

Postby PBNGJNG » Sat May 11, 2013 2:39 pm


Scene 1:

Ted takes the key card from his pocket and slides into the lock, opening the door to his suite at the Yacht Club. He throws his coat over the chair and heads over to the mini bar and fixes himself a drink. Well he has met the people he came to Pine Valley to meet and he is still no closer to deciding what he must do. Time is running out and besides he wants to get back to his family. Can David possibly help him? And if he can, at what price will he be paying revealing himself after all these years?

Scene 2:

JR is at the hospital coming out of an AA meeting when he runs into his son AJ. JR asks AJ is everything is okay and AJ tells him things are fine. He found out he was going to be here and wanted to talk to him alone. JR asks AJ to sit down and tell him what is on his mind. AJ tells his Dad that while he is not happy with the way he has treated Marissa and Bianca over their relationship he still loves him. JR is happy to hear him say that. AJ tells JR that he knows that the courts gave Marissa sole custody of AJ to her and he loves living with her and Bianca and the girls. He was wondering though if there was some way that he could spend some time living at the mansion and being around his Dad and Adam. He needs a little more guy time then he is getting right now. Maybe if he talks to Marissa calmly and nicely she would allow AJ to spend some time with him.

Scene 3:

Jesse is still pondering how he feels about Ted Barnett. Something about the man just makes Jesse’s cop instincts light up. He decided to do a little checking up on the man. He realizes that nothing Barnett has done has been wrong or dubious but there is still something about the man that Jesse feels odd about.

Scene 4:

Brot knocks on Jesse’s door and walks in. Jesse tells Brot to have a seat. Jesse asks Brot how everything is going, how is Natalia? Brot tells his father-in-law and Boss that everything is well.

Jesse wants to discuss with Brot the new detective that is transferring to their department. His name is Tim Dillion. Brot asks is he is any relation to Amanda and Jesse says yes, he is her brother. In fact Tim’s father, Trevor was a detective in this department years ago. Jesse knows that Brot was close to his last partner, and that his leaving Pine Valley was tough on him. Broth tells Jesse it was but he has adjusted. Jesse informs Brot that he is going to temporarily assign Tim as Brot’s partner and see how things go between them.

Scene 5:

Bianca is on the phone with her mother, Erica. She tells Erica that Bianca has some time coming up after school gets out for the summer and she really would like to go out to LA and visit with her. Erica tells Bianca that she would be very happy to have Bianca come out for a visit but is that all this is really about?

To be continued…….

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