Random Thoughts By Patti G 050913

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Random Thoughts By Patti G 050913

Postby PBNGJNG » Sat May 11, 2013 2:11 pm

I have been watching AMC for many, many years and have always been proud that they have taken a stand on many controversial topics. Years ago, the character Devon Sheppard was seeing a therapist and that therapist was gay and Devon thought she might be gay as well. This was way back in the 70’s so you can understand how this was received at the time by many. Later on Laurel Montgomergy (Lily’s mother) had a brother who came to town. His name I believe was Michael, he was a teacher at the high school and he was gay. He had a relationship that many in Pine Valley did not understand or approve of. There was another young character that was just coming to terms with his sexuality and being gay. Surprisingly it was Palmer Cordlandt who was one of this young boys biggest defenders and supporters.

I bring this up because I am a bit disappointed with how they have treated the character of Bianca over the years. Bianca revealing that she was gay was a big deal on the show. She has always been very vocal about her sexuality and defending gay rights. In the beginning Bianca had a relationship with a girl from school who was gay. The mother of this girl talked her out of the relationship with Bianca and even got her daughter to marry a boy. Bianca then became involved with Maggie Stone. This relationship ended. Next it was a relationship with Reese. That also ended. Finally at the end of the show Bianca had fallen in love with Marissa. We now find out it was Marissa that was shot the night of the party. First, why are all of Bianca’s love interest’s women who had previously not been in gay relationships and then suddenly became gay? Are there no gay women that Bianca can meet and have a relationship with? It would be nice to see her meet a gay woman, have the normal relationship ups and downs, and finally may be get married and have the normal married life’s ups and downs.

WOW! Miranda thinks Bianca used a sperm donor. That’s going to be some reveal. I can not believe that in all this time no one has ever slipped and mentioned that Miranda was born from Bianca being raped? If the kids in her school know so much about her Mom being gay, I find it hard to believe with the internet no one has found this information out and used it against Miranda before now.

Dixie’s upset about David shooting JR? What about JR killing Marissa? I have been watching these past two weeks and while David shooting JR was wrong he went to prison. Everyone seems to be treating JR like he did nothing. I would think now that JR has come out of his coma, he would be charged for Marissa’s death. I feel bad for AJ, his father killed his mother and his grandfather shoot his father. I also feel bad for David, he has once again lost another child.

Well that is about all for now. Have a great week!

Patti G

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Re: Random Thoughts By Patti G 050913

Postby raylit » Mon May 13, 2013 7:32 am

You brought up some very good topics. As to the JR issues, after today's episode I am thinking with having some form of amnesia that is physically proven, it will be hard for JR to stand trial and might end up on house arrest if that

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