Fan Fiction Story Episode #8

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Fan Fiction Story Episode #8

Postby PBNGJNG » Sun May 05, 2013 12:05 pm


Scene 1:

Zach pushes the stroller through the entrance of The Hayward Institute. Coming here is always hard, but if she is aware on any level of his presence it is worth it to him.

He approaches the reception desk and Nurse Carson welcomes him, she tells Zach before he even has to ask that there is no change in his wife’s condition. Zach is not surprised. Nurse Carson comments on how big Amelia has got. She certainly looks just like her mother.

Zach heads down to Kendall’s room and goes in. He takes Amelia out of her stroller and bends over to give his wife a kiss and to let their daughter kiss her also.

How could this be happening to their family again? Everything was going so well in their lives. Their marriage was back on track, the boys were healthy, and both Fusion and the Casino were doing well. When Kendall told Zach she was pregnant he was over the moon. Even more importantly Kendall was as well. When they found out from the ultrasound that the baby was a girl they both were overjoyed, their family was now complete. Kendall’s pregnancy was completely normal, unlike with Spike and Ian she went completely to term. Then she went into labor, and yes it went on for a long time, but Dr. Clater assured them that this was very common. Suddenly Kendall’s monitors go off and the doctors tell them they have to rush her into surgery and perform a C- Section, that the baby is in distress. After a quick scare the doctors deliver a beautiful and healthy baby girl and place her in Zach’s arms. Again, alarms start going off and the team of doctors’ push Zach aside and focus all their attention on Kendall. Something is terribly wrong, Kendall is not responsive!

Now it is three years later and Kendall lies in a coma. She has never even seen her beautiful daughter, Amelia (named after Zach’s mother).

David quietly enters the room and places his hand on Zach’s shoulder. Zach turns to face David and asks him if there has been any change? Unfortunately David tells Zach no, but he is going to try a new drug therapy and he has high hopes that this might work. Zach knows David has worked hard trying to bring Kendall back but he his faced disappointment too many times to get his hopes up too much.

Scene 2:

Opal strolls up to the front door and rings the bell. From inside she hears a voice calling out that they will be right there.

When the door opens, Opal sees a beautiful young woman standing in front of her dusted in baking flour and cradling a young child.

“Come on in,” says Bianca. “I was so glad you called and said you wanted to come by for a visit.”

Opal follows Bianca back to the kitchen where she puts the baby down in the playpen. “Gaby forgot to tell me until this morning that she needs three dozen chocolate chip cookies for school tomorrow morning,” Bianca tells Opal.

Opal sits down at the table and Bianca brings over the pot of coffee and two mugs and sits down with her friend.

Opal asks Bianca if she has spoke to her mother recently. Bianca tells her yes, just last night. Bianca says that Erica is very busy with some new project that the networks are very interested in. Opal tells Bianca that is great news. She is happy for her “gal pal” out there in LA but she surely misses having her here in Pine Valley. Bianca agrees she misses her mother very much too.

Opal nervously asks Bianca if there is any news on Kendall. Bianca tells her that according to Zach nothing has changed. Opal says that it must be very hard for Bianca to not have her sister or mother around.

Bianca tells Opal that it is difficult and she misses them both, but with Marissa, the kids and The Miranda Center it helps keep her busy.

Opal mentions to Bianca that Miranda was at The Boutique the other day and that they had a talk about Miranda’s plans for the summer. Opal asks Bianca what she would think about Miranda going to visit Erica for awhile out in LA?
Bianca asks Opal is that what Miranda says she wanted to do? Is that the real reason that you came by today?

Opal admits to Bianca that she promised Miranda that she would talk to her about the visiting Erica idea. Bianca asks Opal why Miranda did not come directly to her about the idea. Opal suggests that Miranda thought that she (Bianca) might need some softening up before she would consider agreeing.

Bianca is somewhat disappointed that her daughter felt the need to have someone intercede on her behalf. Opal tells Bianca not to feel so bad, that girls of Miranda’s age have a difficult time opening up to their mother. Opal holds back from Bianca the fact that Miranda finds Pine Valley boring and wants to move out to LA with Erica permanently. Miranda might have Bianca’s heart but she shares a need for excitement and drama just like Erica and Kendall.

Scene 3:

Emma opens the door to the Penthouse and throws her purse on the table. “Is anyone home?” she calls out.

Ryan comes walking down the stairs and see Emma lying on the sofa, her tablet out, surfing the Web.

“Hey, Dad” Emma says. “What are you doing home so early?”

Ryan tells Emma he came home because her school called him at work informing him that she was not at school today.

“I guess I’m busted,” Emma says.

“Totally, young lady,” says Ryan. “Do you want to tell me where you were today that was more important than going to school?”

Emma tells Ryan that she took the bus out to Oakhaven to see her Mother, Annie.

“You did what!” says Ryan.

Emma asks why it is such a big deal. She hasn’t seen her mother in so long and really missed her. She knows that Ryan while is more lenient about Emma visiting Annie, he still is not fond of her going there. Annie seems to stir up Emma’s wild side.

Ryan has to admit that Emma has been a bit of a handful in the past five years. She is still basically a good kid but she seems to have inherited too much of Annie’s game playing. Greenlee, who herself admits to have been a spoiled child growing up has warned Ryan to not give into to Emma all the time. Ryan though stills feels guilty about the break up of his and Annie’s marriage and the fact that Annie is still stuck at Oakhaven. He knows while Emma has never said it that she holds him somewhat responsible.

To be continued…….

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