My thoughts on the Reboot and Miranda s/l

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My thoughts on the Reboot and Miranda s/l

Postby Plain-N-Simple » Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:09 am

I didn't watch AMC when it was on TV but I have to saw that I am, for one, really getting into it quickly and I think I may actually like it a bit. With the 2nd episode I think I can make a few observations to make about what I think so far. I think that-that Hunter guy is only making nice w/Miranda is so he can take advantage of her (sexually). If you pay close attention to the conversation and his actions you can clearly see what his motive is. And I think it's going to happen, or @ least try to happen @ the dance. AJ can c what he's up to and trying to talk some sense into her but she is blinded by the dude she's not thinking clearly. And I also think Celia will play a role in that to because she is an advocate for safe sex and will need to either provide Miranda w/contraception to make things happen w/Hunter or she will either get caught in some STD type s/l w/Celia still being a spokesperson to Miranda about it as well. I don't really see any good happening w/Miranda and this HS crush thing--but thats typical HS drama.
On another note, I got a glance @ the PP logo in the background when Jesse was talking to who I believe to be is Zach. Again, I didn't follow AMC while it was on TV so I'm learning the characters through 1) Their character opening in the beginning and 2) through name drops in conversations. I just wanted to point that out to see if anyone else caught their logo in the background.

Well that's it for now but I'll be back w/further thoghts as the season progress.

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