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Scene 1:

The party is in full swing, everyone mingling and enjoying the music and the food. People keep coming up to Joe and sharing their memories of Ruth with him as well as giving him and his family their condolences. Almost everyone has given either Joe or Angie an envelope containing a donation towards the new hospital wing.

A soft tingling type sound signals the partygoers attention. Everyone looks toward the front of the room, where Tad is standing directly under his mother’s beautiful portrait.

Tad starts by thanking everyone attending the night’s festivities for their generous contribution towards the new wing to be named after Ruth. People politely applaud.

Tad then tells everyone that he would on behalf of his family those that are here tonight, as well as his other brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren, that the Martin Family feels very blessed at such an outpouring of support, generosity and warm memories people have shared with them in remembering their mom, Ruth Martin.

Tad suspects that Ruth would probably feel very blessed to see how much she was loved and respected by so many people.

Scene 2:

Joe goes up to Tad and hugs him and then Tad stands aside.

Joe thanks his son Tad for speaking so eloquently for their family. He just wants to briefly give his own thanks to everyone for their love and support during this difficult time.

Joe mentions that he knows that Ruth is now with so many of their other friends long gone, Charles Tyler, Phoebe Wallingford, Mona Tyler, Myrtle Fargate, and Palmer Cordtlandt to name a few. These people were the foundation that Pine Valley was built on and they all will remain forever in everyone’s hearts and minds.

Scene 3:

While Angie is busy socializing with some of the guests, Jesse notices a man standing on the side that he does not immediately recognize. Being the curious fellow that he is, along with a cop’s curiosity he walks over to the gentleman and introduces himself.

“I don’t believe I have had the pleasure of meeting you,” Jesse says as he extends his hand to shake with Barnett.

“No, you are correct, Chief” Barnett replies and accepts Jesse’s hand.

“My name is Theodore Barnett,” he says. “I am in town for business, and heard about tonight’s event from an associate who was coming and asked if I would like to attend.”

“Who exactly is this associate?” says Jesse.

“I believe you know him, Chief Hubbard, Dr. David Hayward” Barnett answers.

Jesse can’t believe it was David that was responsible for this. He has tried over the past five years, after David preformed his back from death miracles and especially for restoring his wife Angie’s eyesight he would try and give David a chance. However, he was never going to completely let his guard down when it came to anything concerning David Hayward.

Barnett explains that during their discussions about David’s work, he was told what happened regarding Angie blindness and her miraculous recovery.

Jesse agrees that David did give Angie and their family a miracle but… Jesse voice trails off.

Barnett says he understands Jesse’s reluctance in giving David a free pass as he knows from his own research that David has a very notorious past here in Pine Valley.

Barnett also did a lot of research on Pine Valley and the hospital as well. Though he never met Ruth Martin he has learned what a dedicated nurse she was to the hospital for so many years and would like to do his part in getting the new wing built. He tells Jesse he has an envelope with a donation to give.

Jesse tells Barnett that is very kind and generous of him, why doesn’t he come with him and he will introduce him to Angie and Joe and he can give it to them personally.

Suddenly Jesse hears someone call out his name, he apologizes to Barnett before excusing himself and says he will be right back and then they can go see Joe and Angie together.

A few minutes later Jesse returns back to where he left Barnett only to find that Theodore Barnett is no where to be found.

To Be Continued….

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