Fan Fiction Story By Patti G Episode #4

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Fan Fiction Story By Patti G Episode #4

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Scene 1:

Barnett is sitting with Brooke doing the interview, but it seems like he is on autopilot. Yes, he is answering her questions, but he feels more like he is looking back on his life as a movie. He still is not sure why he came here to. What does he really want to accomplish? If people knew who he really was, would they be so happy to meet him? He knows he left that part of his life a long time ago and has tried to makeup for his mistakes as best as he can. He just isn't sure that revealing himself after all this time is really worth the risk to himself and his current life. From what he has read, she has done very well for herself without knowing about him. What would be the point now, he wonders?

Scene 2:

Adam is home sitting in the parlor reading the Bulletin. He can't believe it has been five years since he walked away from the day-to-day business of running Chandler Enterprises. He has to admit between that and remarrying Brooke, life has been pretty good. He has time for his family, he goes fishing with Stuart, and at the end of the day he has an incredible woman to go home to.

Brooke walks in the front door and asks if anyone is home. Adam calls out, he is in the parlor. Brooke walks in, and Adam's face just lights up.

"How was your day?" Adam asks her.

Brooke tells him it was long but fruitful as she got the first part of the Barnett interview finished.
Adam asks her what is he like. Brooke tells Adam that he is very handsome and charming. He politely answered all of her questions both relating to business and some personal issues, but she felt like there was a part of him not really there. She can't put her finger on it, but she feels there is more to Theodore Barnett than what she saw.

Scene 3:

Barnett, David, and Cara are sitting enjoying their dessert when Cara's cell phone rings. She excuses herself from the table, telling David it is her mom on the phone.

While the men are waiting for Cara to return, Barnett wants to know more about how David's Institute began five years ago.

Barnett tells David he is fascinated that he not only brought back to life Dixie Martin but Stuart Chandler as well. He tells David that people must have really made him into a hero after doing that.

David tells Barnett that he has a lot to make up for in this town with things he has done to people over the years. Bringing those two lives back to their families was just a start.

David tells Barnett that right before people knew about his work with Stuart and Dixie, he had another miracle.

Barnett asks David, "What was it?"

David tells him that one of his colleagues, who, as it turns out, he never got along with, had lost their vision. It was the result of an infection she received while treating a patient here at the hospital. She was on an experimental drug therapy, but then found out she was pregnant. She did not want to compromise the baby's health, so she stopped the treatment and became blind.

Barnett tells David that was some choice to have to make, her eyesight or her baby. David agrees that it was a selfless act and, because of that, he went to her with an offer to help.

Without anyone knowing he was treating her, he tried one of his experimental drugs on her. It took months but finally her sight was restored.

Barnett tells David this doctor must be very grateful to you for restoring her eyesight. David tells Barnett that yes she was grateful, but more important after years of animosity between them, they have finally become friends and have respect for each other. In fact, it is because of her faith in him that many people in Pine Valley have grudgingly given him a second chance.

Barnett asks David who this doctor is. David tells him, "Her name is Dr. Angie Hubbard, Chief of Staff at PV Hospital.

In fact, David tells Barnett, Dr. Hubbard is hosting a Saturday night. He and Cara are attending, and if he will still be in Pine Valley, he is welcome to come as their guest.
Barnett looks at David and tells him that he would very much like to and looks forward to meeting Dr. Hubbard.

Scene 4:

Dixie waits patiently at the nurses' station for a patient's file. Five years ago, when David brought her "back to life," she was so happy just to be alive and back with Tad and their young daughter Kate. Now Kate is older and Dixie finds she had too much time on her hands, so she resumed her job at PVH as a Patient Advocate.

"Here is the file you asked for," said Nurse Hopper, handing Dixie the folder. "Thank you, I will get it back to you right after I am done with Mrs. Gould." Dixie turns suddenly and gasps as she bumps right into Cara.

Dixie still finds it hard to believe that Cara has been married to David Hayward for almost 5 years. She not only gave him a son, named Leo after David's, but she seems to be the only woman who cannot only handle David but also bring out the decent side in him.

When Dixie first came "back to life" through David's intervention, Cara was married to her husband Tad. They had married so Tad could save Cara from being deported and possibly killed. Before being married to Tad, she had been married to Tad's brother, Jake. However, when Dixie returned, Cara made no trouble for them and gave Tad a quick divorce allowing Tad, Dixie, and Kate to as a family.

"Oh, I am so sorry, Cara," Dixie says. "I should have looked where I was going."

"Not a problem, Dixie," says Cara. "Are you here to see a patient?"

"Yes," says Dixie. "How are things going at the Institute?"

Cara tells Dixie that things are moving along very well, and they are making enormous progress.
Dixie asks Cara if she and David planning on attending the Charity Ball?
Cara tells Dixie that they will be there and may possibly bring a guest. An that David is trying to get involved in the Institute's research.
Dixie tells Cara that she looks forward to seeing her then.

To be continued ...

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