Fan Fiction Story By Patti G Episode #2

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Fan Fiction Story By Patti G Episode #2

Postby PBNGJNG » Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:14 pm


Scene 1:

Brooke sits at her desk putting the finishing touches on her notes for the Barnett interview. While she is obviously pleased to be the one to score the “must get” interview over many of her capable colleagues, she can’t help get what Adam said to her yesterday out of her mind. Plus why he was so insistent to do the interview here in Pine Valley. Suddenly her thoughts are interrupted by her assistant Pamela’s knock on her door. “Mr. Barnett is here, Brooke”, she says. Brooke tells Pamela to show Mr. Barnett right in.

Even though Brooke had researched Theodore Barnett thoroughly, she was not prepared for the man that walked through her door. He stood well over six feet with broad shoulders and long arms and legs. He skin was the color of deep molasses and her wore his slight gray hair cropped short against his skull. He was well dressed, as she expected but he wore his suit with an air of non-chalance like anything he put on would look fabulous. He has deep brown eyes and when he smiled his face beamed.

Brooke extended her hand to shake Mr. Barnett, “It is a pleasure to meet you”. I thought we would sit over here, pointing to a pair of casual chairs by the window overlooking downtown Pine Valley.

“It is nice to meet you too”, says Barnett as he follows Brooke to the chairs.

“Can I offer you something to drink”, Brooke offers.

“No, not now” answers Barnett.

Scene 2:

At his gallery, Stuart is in the backroom putting the finishing touch on the portrait that he is has just finished. He looks at the face of the woman he has just painted and remembers fondly his good friend now gone. He is happy that he could do this honor not just for her family but that it will hang in tribute in the new Ruth Martin Wing at Pine Valley Hospital. Stuart hears the gallery doorbell ring, but knows his wife Marion is out front and will handle whatever it is.

Adam, Stuart’s identical twin brother walks into the gallery and is greeted by his sister-in-law, Marion.

“Marion” Adam says.

“Well hello darling” answers Marion. “What brings you by this wonderful morning”?

Adam tells her he just came by to see Stuart. Marion tells Adam Stuart is in the back and to go right in.

Adam walks into the backroom and Stuart’s face lights up upon seeing his brother.

Adam walks around the easel and looks at the portrait of Ruth that Stuart has done. “You captured her beauty and strength very well”, says Adam. “It will be a fine tribute to her hanging in the new wing with her name”, says Adam. Adam tells Stuart that he has written a very generous check for the new wing from the entire Chandler Family.

Stuart tells Adam that is very nice of him. Stuart has seen the difference in Adam over the past five years since he came back to Pine Valley and married Brooke. He is a lot nicer and has much more patience than he did before. Stuart thinks that is due to both remarrying Brooke and the fact that Stuart is alive due to Dr. Hayward’s medical miracle. The fact the he did not kill his brother lifted a huge weight off Adam’s shoulders the day he found out and Stuart was back with them. No matter how much animosity there is between Hayward and Adam, Adam will always be indebted to Hayward for his brother’s life.

Scene 3:

David and Cara are already at the Yacht Club waiting for their potential backer to arrive for dinner. While David is going over some details with the manager, Cara looks around adjusting little things at the table mostly due to being a bit nervous. She knows how important this dinner meeting is to her husband.

David walks over to her and tells her how exquisite she looks tonight. Cara thanks him and asks if he feels nervous.

David tells her he is not nervous but looking forward to securing their dinner guest as a backer for the Hayward Institute. It is not his money that is most important, but like Adam Chandler, adding this man’s name to the roaster of backers will only give his Institute more press and hopefully additional investors.

Cara looks away and touches David arm, telling him the guest has just arrived.

Scene 4:

Zach walks in the door of the Miranda Center and up to the young woman sitting at the reception desk. “Good morning” says Zach. “I am here to see Bianca Montgomery”. The young woman asks his name and then picks up the phone and tells someone on the other end that Zach Slater is here to see Bianca. After she tells Zach that Bianca will be right out.

While Zach is waiting for Bianca, he looks around the center and can’t believe how much this place has grown since it first opened so many years ago. Zach has always been a huge supporter of the center, both personally and financially. This is probably for two reasons, one his true belief in his sister-in-law, Bianca and the work she and the center do, and also out of guilt from what his morally bankrupt brother Michael did to Bianca all those years ago. Zach knows he was not around when Michael raped Bianca and could not have helped her, but that is what troubles him sometimes that he could have been around and possibly prevented the whole incident and didn’t.

Bianca walks out and smiles as she sees Zach and gives him a big hug. “What brings you by the center?” Bianca ask Zach.

Zach tells Bianca if she would do him the honor of attending the Charity Ball Saturday night as his “date”.

Bianca tells Zach that she would be very please to have him as her escort.

“Good” says Zach, the matter is settled. Bianca thinks how Zach is a man who likes things simple and to the point, no games. How she wishes things had turned out differently between Zach and her sister Kendall.

To Be Continued...

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