Fan Fiction Story By Patti G Episode #1

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Fan Fiction Story By Patti G Episode #1

Postby PBNGJNG » Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:12 pm

Since I am not sure if people are going to the web site to read these, I have decided to post the srories in full here. I do suggest if you do check out for other information. Please let me know by your comments what you think of these Fan Fiction Stories.

FAN FICTION Episode #1

Scene 1:

He stood at the window of his suite at the Waldorf, looking out at the Manhattan skyline before him. It doesn’t seem like 30 years have passed since he was that scrappy young youth with no plans other than to get through to the next day. Yet somehow he managed to become what those looking in on his life to be the epitome of success.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door and a voice calls out “room service”. He goes to the door and lets the young waiter in with his breakfast tray. Set it over there he tells him, pointing to the dining table in the suite. He signs for the bill and gracefully slides a generous tip into the young man’s hand. The waiter leaves and he picks up his laptop and brings it to the dining room table.

While eating at a leisurely pace he brings up the Pine Valley Bulletin web site. He first notices an article mentioning Bianca Montgomery and work she is doing to expand the Miranda Center. It goes on to talk about her mother, Erica Kane and how her career in Hollywood and her new projects are doing. Next is a news piece on Zach Slater and Cambias Industries. What he is really looking for is buried on the third page, an article about the Chief of Staff at Pine Valley Hospital, Dr. Angela Hubbard.

Scene 2:

Brooke is sitting at her desk at Tempo editing articles for the next issue. In walks Adam Chandler, her husband. She still can not believe that they have been remarried for five years already. There was a time she could not stand to be in the same room as that man.

“Afternoon, darling”, says Adam. He looks at his wife and thanks God every day that she is back in his life.

“Hello Adam”, says Brook. She had not been expecting him to stop in.

“I thought I would come by and surprise my lovely wife to lunch at the Yacht Club”.

Brooke laughs at how much more relaxed Adam has become since they returned to Pine Valley 5 years ago and he stepped back from the day to day business of running Chandler Enterprises. She can sometimes even see a bit of Adam’s gentle brother Stuart in him.

Brooke tells Adam that she wasn’t planning on going out for lunch since she is nearing the magazine’s deadline, but since he ask so sweetly she guesses she can break away for awhile.

Adam asks Brook how the issue is going? He still is the owner of the magazine but leaves complete control of running it to his capable wife.

Brooke tells Adam that she is almost finished with the articles her writer’s have turned in but still has the cover story interview to do tomorrow. She needs to finish preparing her questions for her subject, Theodore Barnett.

Adam tells Brooke that it is quite a coupe to have got Barnett to agree to this interview. Adam has followed his career over the years and admires his “rags to riches” success but even he has never had the opportunity to met the man personally.

Brooke agrees that Mr. Barnett is very private and does not give interviews very often. She tells Adam that for some reason Mr. Barnett seemed more than agreeable to not only doing the interview with her for Tempo, but he specifically wanted to come to Pine Valley to do it.

Adam agrees that while Brooke is a well regarded journalist, it is unusual that one of Barnett’s terms was that they do the interview in Pine Valley.

Brooke taps a few keys on her computer, grabs her purse and leaves with Adam for lunch.

Scene 3:

Dr. Cara Castillo walks into her husband’s office with a stack of files containing lab results.

David is on the phone but waves her in and motions to her to sit down. He finishes his call and smiles at her. “How is your day going?” he asks her. She tells him she has been busy trying to finish the second trial runs of the new formula so that he will have plenty of data to share with his potential new backer when he gets to Pine Valley for their meeting.

David tells Cara that he appreciates all the extra time she has put into getting this information together as while the Hayward Research Institute is financially sound, it can never hurt to have additional funding and support, especially from the man he is going to be meeting with. David reminds Cara that this gentleman does not back projects without a lot of due diligence.

He asks Cara if she has made arrangements for their son Leo tomorrow night when they go out to dinner with his potential new investor. Cara tells Davids that Leo will be with her Mother and that she personally followed up on the dinner arrangements at the Yacht Club tomorrow night. Everything is set according to his instructions.

David tells Cara how thankful he is having not only an incredible medical partner to work with on his research with him but more importantly for her being his wife and the mother of his son. He thinks to himself how Cara has been the only women that understands how he works, accepts who he is and some how manages to still keep him in line.

Cara sits back and also ponders on how she never would have thought 5 years ago that she would be married again and be a mother. As much as she enjoys her work, being married to David these past few years has been an incredible journey.

Scene 4:

Dr. Angie Hubbard, Chief of Staff at Pine Valley Hospital is at her desk reviewing paperwork when a knock on her office door makes her smile when she see Dr. Joe Martin standing there. “Am I interrupting”, he asks her?

Angie looks at him and says, “You are always a welcomed interruption”. “Come sit down”.

Joe takes a seat and tells Angie it is good to see her, he is sorry he has not been around a lot lately. Angie looks at Joe and tells him he has nothing to apologize for. She gingerly asks Joe how is he doing without Ruth? Joe tells her that he is still expecting to see her walk through the door, that her death is still not real to him. Angie understands and tells him that it takes time and that he just needs to surround himself with his family and friends who will help him get through this. Joe tells Angie he appreciates everything that the people in Pine Valley have done to support him.

Joe tells Angie that he appreciates her idea of honoring Ruth’s memory and her years of service to the hospital by having this Charity Ball to raise funds for a new wing at the hospital in Ruth’s name.

Angie tells Joe that it is just the right thing to be done for such a wonderful colleague and friend. She only hopes that she can do justice to this event. Everyone is looking forward to Saturday night. She expects that there will be many big donations from everyone that knew Ruth and want to honor her memory.

To Be Continued...

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