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Rndom Thoughts By Patti G 012613

Postby PBNGJNG » Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:26 pm


I want to be clear about this before I write about my new article. This is not a personal attack on an actor, but an observations about the character they portray on the show. I have in fact met this actor twice and both times he was friendly, gracious and generous with his time spent with a fan. That being said let me begin.

I can not stand the character of Ryan Aliousos Lavery! In fact unless he is in a scene with a character I do like I have to FF right through it. Why does he bother me so much? Because he is 1) always sticking his nose in other people's business, 2) he is a hypocrite and 3) he thinks he is always right about everything.

Ryan and Annie: When he lost his memory, and after Annie had been through enough, I was so happy the night of the Heart Healthy Fashion Show when Ryan finally came home and Annie had his bags packed and told him to leave. He talks a good game of being a Dad to "his children" but he is hardly ever with Spike and pawns poor Emma off on babysitters and sleepovers all the time. Annie might be a bit "off" but at least she truly wants to spend time with Emma although her methods maybe questionable at times.

Ryan and David: When Ryan the other day burst into WildWind twice I was so angry. If David had done that to Ryan at the penthouse, David would have been arrested. Then Ryan is upset that David was getting married on Valentine's Day? So that was supposed to have been his wedding day a year ago? So what? No one for the rest of time can ever be married that day because it belongs to him? Please.

Ryan and Greenlee: While the last time Greenlee reappeared I agreed with everyone her anger was out of line. This time I am in her corner. Ryan carries on as she is his one true love (did he forget about Gillian?). Yet he is in bed with Kendall right after "identifying" her body and then unlike the grief sex Kendell had with Aiden he continues his affair with her. When that eventually ends he starts this sort of chaste and quaint courtship with Erica. As Jackson pointed out, Erica is his son's grandmother. Ryan not only does not wait a while in a mourning period for his great love, but has 2 affairs in less than the 1 year Greenlee has been gone. I remember when Leo died. Greenlee even with her many flaws did not jump into bed or a relationship with anyone for a long time and the same thing when she thought Ryan had died.

Well I could continue with so many more examples of what an a$$ he is but I think I have made my feelings clear. Until next time.

Patti G
Well have a good week! 

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