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Postby MissChef » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:51 am

Taping for both, AMC & OLTL starts next month! Also, the show is no longer being filmed in L.A. They'll be back East! I believe Stamford, CT. (seems like a lot of talk shows have moved there.)

Also, here's a list of who has already signed contracts with Prospect Park:

Vincent Irazarry-Dr. Hayward
Debbi Morgan-Dr. Angie Hubbard
Darnell Williams-Jesse Hubbard
Cady McCain-Dixie
Lindsey Hartley-Cara

Those are CONFIRMED.... I also found reports of other cast members who were ASKED, but they are undecided, or have NOT signed on yet. They are as follows:

Cameron Mathison-Ryan
Alicia Minshew-Kendall
Susan Lucci-Erica Kane
Walt Wiley-Jack Montgomery
Michael Knight-Tad Martin

Now the actors who play Ryan & Kendall have NOT been approached, BUT they are on board if they are asked. :-) Also, it's not looking good for Susan Lucci. Reports say she may NOT sign with Prospect Park. But WHY??? You can't have AMC without Erica Kane??? That's like having a computer with no internet access!!! LOL

Anyhow...I'll keep you all updated! :D

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Re: !!!UPDATE!!!!

Postby Chrissi » Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:17 pm

We've got ya covered. We've been in close talks with PP and they're sending us the news before the fans hear so we'll update this piece consistently as we've been doing. :)


Remember, we still do the AMC digests once per week as well and we'll be posting summaries once the show returns.

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