I think I know........

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I think I know........

Postby AbCDefGH » Fri Oct 20, 2006 2:44 pm

:~ Okay....here goes ;) Emma is Kate, thus Tad's daughter ~) The baby Krystal is having is probably Tad's too 8) There is something wrong with Krystal's baby ;( BUT......Emma/Kate will be able to save the baby, 'cuz they are half siblings (The Dr. told Krystal Thursday that with the test, they could even do surgery on the baby while she was still preg's, if needed) :-) I think Babe will end up preggers too.......but it is probably Josh's......... :D Sean talked to Colby about being his parents miracle child. & I think he was brought back to reopen up that story line with Krystal & Tad 3) For you old timers, this line has been around since Tara married Chuck, pregs with Phillips baby,(presumed dead in Vietnam) & everyone found out when "little" Phillip fell out of the tree :o anybody else 'member that ?) That is what I think.....may be wrong, but it sure fits the AMC circle!!! :) Let me know what you think....

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