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Random Thoughts By Patti G 052412

Postby PBNGJNG » Thu May 24, 2012 10:02 pm

Happy Holiday Weekend to Everyone. Hope we all enjoy a wonderful summer.

1. Why is it okay for Zach to come up with “plans” and not tell Kendell, but it is wrong for her to do the same?

2. Did Ryan really have to “kidnap” Ritchie and take him on a plane just to draw his blood?

3. How is it every loose character (i.e. Richie and Ava for example) come to town either from living on the streets or from prison and have places to live and cars. I do not see these people taking public transit around PV. Only Lily ever mentions taking the bus.

4. Oh Adam, just a little to late forgiving KWAK.

5. I am looking forward to the Bomb Shelter storyline. Enjoyed it the first time around. Many future stories are born from that.

6. Really never liked the new Babe.

7. I can not stand listening to Ava and the stupidity that comes out of her mouth. I usually FF her scenes.

8. Ironic that towards the end of the show, Erica gets committed to Oakhaven against her will and is outraged but she had know problem justifying what she did to Greenlee.

9. Why are children just used as props on shows? I see nighttime shows and even commercials where the same age kids do not act to stiff and wooden.

Well those are some of my thoughts at the moment. Love getting feedback. Will post again when I feel I have something useful to say.

Happy Memorial Day to all.

Patti G

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