Stories with Passion & Real Connections

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Stories with Passion & Real Connections

Postby allie_collegegirl21 » Thu Sep 21, 2006 8:46 pm

Let Soaps Be About The People Not About The Next Cycle Of Storylines!!!!!!

Set Up Good Storylines** Using The Veteran Only, You Know:
Dr. Joe Martin :)
Opal Cortlandt ;)
Palmer Cortlandt :]
Myrtle Fargate 3)
Stuart Chandler !)
& Wife Marion >)

**Something Fun That Shows Their Acting Abilities. Maybe a Dating Website (Like Palmer and Myrtle's Setup). AMC Could Age Opal's Son and Set Him Up With Colby. Have Opal And Palmer Reunite While Trying To Separate Them. Marion Interjects And The 50+ Set Takes Sides. ect; ect; ect; 3) 3) 3)

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