keith hamilton cobb (Ex-NOAH)- on being a gay actor

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keith hamilton cobb (Ex-NOAH)- on being a gay actor

Postby allie_collegegirl21 » Mon Sep 18, 2006 6:57 pm

I cut and paste from a site called:
it is real though, from a magizine interview...

A few weeks ago, Keith Hamilton Cobb said that it was no big deal to play a gay character on Noah's Arc. In a new interview by Dana Caprina at Gay Chicago, he explains more about his decision to take on the role of Quincy.

KHB says that he always wanted "to play a full-on gay character in all his glory, in all his gayness, all his strengths, weaknesses, sexuality, every part of it." Until now, he says, the main problem has been the roles have not been multi-dimensional. "I am not going to play a character who is hugely effeminate just for the sensational value the same way that I would not play a gangbanger on thug without you giving me a reason."

An actor who refuses to cater to stereotypes. Gotta love him.

Profile: Keith Hamilton Cobb (Gay Chicago)

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