Alan vs Alan-Michael

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Alan vs Alan-Michael

Postby Matt » Fri Oct 13, 2006 11:40 am

This week, Olivia asked Alan for help. He agreed to look after Emma and sent Beth after Ava. Alan-Michael has offered his support to Ava (for a number of reasons). Beth is in the middle and trying to play everyone against everyone else. Who thinks that the two Alans will finally end up going against each other and what could the consequences be?

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Re: Alan vs Alan-Michael

Postby rosestear » Sat Oct 14, 2006 3:47 am

Between the two Alans, right now I don't care who wins. I'm looking at the battles they are involved in seperately.When those stories die down, I'll focus back in on them. You know Alan is only helping Olivia to get control of another grandchild. You know that Alan-Micheal wants to pull Ava away from Coop--and she is beautiful,sweet and docile--and sooo bendable...(and starry-eyed,and wet behind the ears)...but I hope she doesn't eventually hurt Olivia, Olivia's somebody you just want to see get theirselves together at this point.Especially now that she's got a good man...a real man. Beth. Beth, what can I say about about Beth? Beth needs to settle down. She's trying to play this role of "the female Alan" or something. It doesn't work, she still cares, she still has emotions--her affair with Rick only showed her underlying side of needing a release from all the game-playing, her whole holding people capive only showed her desperate, crazy side. She ain't no Alan, and she will crack. She just needs to go stay with her mother,lay on the couch, scotch in hand, and enjoy her visits with the new grandaughter when she is born.

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