Are You Kidding Me?!

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Are You Kidding Me?!

Postby soapzealot70 » Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:46 pm

I am a diehard GL fan of more than 30 years. I came here today looking for somewhere to vent and someone to vent to (although I don't know how ofen this board is visited anymore). I still miss GL, almost two years later. As I watch daily I realize what the future of soaps is given the current state of daytime. Most recently, AMC and OLTL were cancelled. I empathized with their fans and felt the pain of having to say goodbye, in a way, to lifelong friends...until a few weeks ago.

Then, I hear that AMC and OLTL have been literally plucked from the soap graveyard and will live on after their on-screen demises in an online version. RHUH? (in best Scooby Doo voice). I need someone to help me make sense of this. The fans of these shows are certainly not more dedicated than us. I KNOW they didn't fight harder than we did to save our show. I just keep asking myself "WHY"??? As a matter of fact, in the heat of the final battle, I distinctly remember someone on this board posing GL living on in some online afterlife as a viable option for rescue. Why do daytime lightweights that barely tipped the scale at merely 36 and 43 years rate this type of 11th hour Hail Mary more than heavy-hitters of 72 and 54 years? Brian Frons was spewing that same lack-of-revenue garbage back in April that Les Moonves and company were back in 2009. Now you know there is going to be a wide profit margin (at least projected) or it wouldn't even be up for discussion. Every time I see a preview for goofy "Lets Make a Deal" or "The Talk", (especially since ATWT's demise gave way to Moonves' wife's run as a Barbara Walters wannabe), I do a SLOW BURN. Can ANYONE explain this madness to me? ANYONE?

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Re: Are You Kidding Me?!

Postby Ivy10747 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:57 am

I agree with your feelings and opinion. I still look at the clock around 3 and wish I could watch GL. I hate the stupid game shows and reality tv. I too have wondered why they couldn't have done something to save the show. It just doesn't seem right and it is frustrating that the "big wigs" don't really care about the fans. I miss the show very much and wish somebody would do something to reinstate it. Even soapnet!

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Re: Are You Kidding Me?!

Postby calliope » Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:57 pm

I just finished reading Kim Zimmer's book. In it she describes how the last few months were. I think GL was allowed to go so far downhill that no one saw any reason to save it. It looked bad and so many of the actors were just showing up and not putting their all into it. I don't know why online was not persued more but when GL went off there were few trying that. Now there are 2 or 3 online shows.

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Re: Are You Kidding Me?!

Postby pink kiity » Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:49 am

dont get yours hope up about it its isnt a done deal yet one life to live soaps wont have a studio so they will have to find another studio to rent someone is going to take over one life to live studio that there filming on and alot of the actress already had left the soaps looking for works i really dont thinks its going to happen. %(

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