It's Official - Last Chance!!!!

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It's Official - Last Chance!!!!

Postby soapfanccb » Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:25 am

"Meet me at Mohegan" - that's what I'm hearing from my fellow GL fans & friends!! Last stop on the tour!! (tear in my eye)
I am absolutely attending, how many of you are going? Would love to hear from you!! Here are some travel times/information if you're looking for it courtesy of
From Providence, RI or Hartford, CT to Mohegan Sun, just under 1 hour
From Boston to Mohegan Sun, just under 2 hours
From New York City to Mohegan Sun, just under 2 ½ hours
From Long Island to Mohegan Sun, just under 3 hours
From Scranton to Mohegan Sun, under 4 hours

If Mohegan Sun is sold out, check out the new Hyatt Regency just a mile away offering a free shuttle. The Hyatt can be reached at 1-888-492-8847. Fans may also try the Best Western at 1-800-780-7234.

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