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Postby edge of night » Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:13 pm

Hear me out why can't Lifetime or some cable station have GL movies they need to start shooting the Thanksgiving one now at Bill & Lizzie house the Christmas one to take place at Spaulding Mansion the Spring one at the Cooper's and of course Summer at the Bauer's with the famed Bauer Bar-b-que we can catch up they could bring back harley Michael JR Amanda Lucy with more than enough plot's He!! the christmas one could bring back Grady and tell how Alan had him held hostage all this time but when payment's stop he made his way back to springfield....He!! Chicago is up for summer olympics let Lewis Construction get some of that bring in Blake's kid's sheet even Ross could come back surely abc would let him make a cable movie....Well i am ranting now what do you folk's think?

Miss you all may the light shine forever

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