Last episode a real DUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Last episode a real DUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby suburbandiva » Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:56 pm

I did like the last episode! Something I did like other things I did'nt like so much. Why in the world did'nt Oliva and Nat did'nt get to kiss?! It was the last episode after all what could it hurt!? Of course being a JEVA fan for ever that did it for me!!!!!!!!!! I did have a problem with Jeffery. If Reva and Josh got their "always" Jeffery and Cassie should have been able to have a "new" start! It could'nt hurt! As for the rest of the stories it was o.k. If they were to get a "new" gl It would be great to see JEVA and FAMILY! The way I would very much like to see. Stories about families. :)

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