The "ending" & The Lone Wolf

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Postby PelphreyPosse » Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:37 pm

Well, I am at work when it came on every day, but now at night instead of watching my tape, I come on this board to see what all of GL posters are talking about. At least, here I can talk about my show instead of just walking around thinking and being miserable about it. Here, folks care about our show. Everywhere else folks think I'm nuts to be sad about a show on t.v. cancelled, they think everything else should be more important. I disagree!

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Postby clicquot1 » Mon Sep 21, 2009 6:30 pm

Quote Tammer:
Quote bdsdro: Well, I don't like the ending for Jeffrey. It was lazy and sloppy, and gave no satisfaction to me as a fan of Jeffrey. Noone will ever convince me, Jeffrey enjoyed the chase more than being home with his family.

I don't want to have to imagine endings in a series finale. It should have been played out.

Jonathan should have told Reva.

If they weren't gonna end with Jeffeva together, at least let Jeffrey be there for his son.

It was completely disgraceful to end a fan fav character like that.

My opinion EXACTLY!!!
Jonathon would never have kept that information from his mother..that's just not the Jonathon we know and love. Jeffrey would never leave Reva to live a life forever not knowing he was alive.
Reva chose Jeffrey over Josh, that told us her love for him ran deep, I don't believe she would have been mad enough at him for "staying dead" for a while to catch Edmund.
The entire ending of the show was an insult to long time fans. Sloppy and poorly written.
What a shame.

According to KIM ZIMMER 60% of fans prefered the pairing of JOSH/REVA over 40% of the fans of REVA/JEFF so TPTB did NOT insult long time fans or at least the majority of long time fans. TPTB gave most long-time fans what they wanted by pairing up star-crossed lovers who were kept apart for whatever reasons,(JOSH & REVA, BILLY & VANESSA, BETH & PHILLIP, HOLLY & ED sort of) high school lovers,(SHAYNE & MARINA, RICK & MELINDA SUE, and BETH & PHILLIP) and couples that were similiar(MALLET & DINAH). TPTB also tried to give newer couples a happily-ever after with REMEY & his wife(forget her name), FRANK & BLAKE, and even MATT finding someone. Some liked the OLIVIA lesbian s/l and some didn't. The suprise of both HOLLY & ED & FLETCHER & ALEXANDRA was nice. The interview with KIM ZIMMER expressed her unhappiness of TPTB putting JOSH & CASSIE together and took it as a personal insult to herself as an actress & to her character of REVA SHAYNE and she only referred to her character as REVA SHAYNE LEWIS in the article. It is pretty obvious to me that she wanted the character with her BUD, or the pairing with CASSIE wouldn't have bothered her so much. KZ has been married over twenty some years and in the words of GRANT ALESANDER everyone ends up with who they should be with. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the finale especially as a LONG-TIME fan(46 years) and I know many, many, many long-time fans who feel the same way............................................JMO.

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