Who's Upset??

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Re: Who's Upset??

Postby Theresafan18 » Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:26 pm

I'm not completely upset but would have like to have seen a little more of Theresa and Ethan having being married and all. I also would have liked to seen Gwen and Rebecca get a little more then they did. I also agree that the ending with Rebecca and the donkey and Gwen with the sheriff was stupid. They should have made them live a very unhappy life! Pilar got what she wanted, all of her children to be happy, that is all she has ever cared about! I too would have liked to know what happen with Marty and some other loose ends. I hate that I have watched this from the very beginning and it has taken this long for Theresa and Ethan to be happy but I guess that is the way all the shows are!

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