The Last Episode

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The Last Episode - added summary of last episode

Postby Susan36 » Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:01 pm

I called in sick today to watch the last episode. I cried through almost the whole thing....

This was wonderful! I'm going to miss watching passions!

Good Bye Passions!!!! :(

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Re: The Last Episode

Postby TerryE » Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:03 pm

ya me too

if you really love PASSIONS then continue to enjoy NEW episodes which i will be creating immediatly!!! if you are interested in seeing the new episodes which will be created by me!! im a very good writer then please contact me at

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Re: The Last Episode - summary of what happen

Postby Susan36 » Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:41 pm

Someone asked me to post what happen - for those of you who can't see it....

Gwen was finally shown for the the lying b@tch she is.....the tape was finally fixed and it was showed to everyone...Sheridan was even upset with her. She tried to play it off as Theresa's fault and said that little Ethan created the tape. But Ethan believed his son over Gwen.
I loved when Ethan called her a B@tch. She finally got what she deserved.

It came out that Gwen got married in Las Vegas a long time ago when she was upset about E & T and she had never gotten a divorce. So Ethan was free to marry Theresa.

Ivy apologized to Theresa, what a surprise, but she seen how much E & T loved each other, and felt bad for believing Gwen and Rebbecca over Theresa and welcomed Theresa to the family. Ivy made me smile here.

Tabitha got baptized. Which saved Harmony from the pending volcano lava. They showed a hand holding Tabitha's hand and this was supposed to be Timmy's hand...did this bring tears to my eyes. I loved Timmy so much. Endora cured Father Lonigan from being Blind! :)

Turns out Fancy and Paloma are both pregnant! Sheridan is actually happy for Fancy. Now that she is with Antonio.

Esme was drunk as usual.

Kay fixed little Julian with her magic, Eva and Julian were happy about this.

Sam says, he thinks its going to be fun to have someone in the family who can do magic!!!! LOL!!! Miguel accepts the magic, since it is good magic now.

The final happening: The thing we all waited for all these years to happen finally happen. T & E said I do!

A great episode and I will miss passions. I hope that someone can post the final episode on youtube or somewhere else that everyone who loves Passions can see it. If I find it anywhere, I'll be sure to post it.

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