Passions the Last 4 Episodes !!!

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Passions the Last 4 Episodes !!!

Postby Nikkita77 » Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:52 pm

;( . Ok the scence between ethan and theresa were so sweet. ok but did everyone in the church lose their minds except theresa , gwen and becca ! ( and I am a die hard theresa fan ) why did they all need to stay and weren't doing anyhing. and of all the people to disarm the bomb ETHAN ! ( give me a brake ) And gwen she is pathetic why would she want ethan, i'm surprised even father lonigan will not have something to say. man i can't wait til tommorrows episode , they are trying to leave us hooked to the end ! I thought lil ethan was going to get the camera playing during the ceremony, that wuld have been great. then it would give more E/T time and him knowing LIl ethan is his son. i can;t wait but then I'm so sad !! ;( :(

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