ModMatt Help Me Out With This Rumor Please!!!!

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ModMatt Help Me Out With This Rumor Please!!!!

Postby Beacham » Sun Jun 29, 2008 10:01 pm

Hey there Modmatt,I came across this on Soap Opera Network and thought you could shed some light on this rumor.

From Soap Opera Network:

Some are calling it the answer to their prayers others are just astounded that there is a possibility that Passions after nine years,one reprieve and two cancellations may actually continue after the final espiode in August.

According to the rumor the USA Network has shown an interest in producing new episodes of Passions for the 2009 season.USA Network wants the entire cast back and is not discouraged by the fact that everything from the costumes to the sets has been broken down and sold.They want to start with a clean slate the rumor clamis.The only set back is that the USA Network wants NBC to share the cost of production.I have a coulp of questions to ask about this.Have you heard about this?How reible is this site?Thanks Modmatt.

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Re: ModMatt Help Me Out With This Rumor Please!!!!

Postby Matt » Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:16 pm

It's only a rumor. It's been reported in numerous places, but only ever as a rumor. There has been nothing to confirm that it is really more than that at this time.

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