Theresa I look up to you.

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Re: Theresa I look up to you.

Postby all4babe » Sat Jun 28, 2008 10:50 pm

Quote monkey1: No. I just used my love and the fact that she still lived with her parents and that they did not what her with him, to get her away from him. I also have 3 kids with him. So that made her not happy. I told her that he would always be mine cuz we have a bond forever with our family that we have together. And she cried and left. I always get what I want. :)) :)) >( >(
Sorry to say monkey..if you had to scam to get your ex away from another chick..I doubt your bond is as deep as you say it is because if it was he would of never been with the other chick in the first place..You should of never had to of conned your way back to him..I think thats sad..very sad..I would never consider Theresa someone to look up to and with that said I will say that the same goes for Gwen..To me it seems that neither of these gals have any self esteem or dignaty when it comes to Ethan and I would be ashamed if I had done any of the things those two had done in the name of "love" or "fate"

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Re: Theresa I look up to you.

Postby thestar » Sun Jun 29, 2008 10:44 am

Quote Teenie:
Quote thestar:
Quote Teenie: Gwen is Ethan Wife...Try as you may...nothing will change....Gwen is BOSS..And she is real......Get it Gwen!!!!!!!!!!

HAHA the only reason she is at all is because theresas not there, before theresa died THERESA WAS WITH ETHAN!! so gwen is basically "love lucky" and thats not true love, because ethan said to gurtrude that he would go to theresa in a heartbeat if she was alive, so just face it, i know the show wont end with theresa being gertrude, its impossible that it will because im hearing that some people who died off the show might come back, and someone whos already on the show just in disguise, i doubt will end in disguise, just face it, you know gwen is lucky to have ethan at all, you know shes lucky, because if theresa didnt die, ethan would still have been with her just like he was... to have a chance with a guy just because someone he loved died, IS PAHETIC.. honestly, just quit it please, you know im right, i dont hate gwen because its just acting, its not her actual personality and yes dont say shes ugly because that is rude, but SHOW wise, i dont like her prsonality :D

let me try this...the only way that gwen is becuz teresa is dead? teresa is gertrude for crying out loud!?? Tsk Tsk Tsk

yeah but to everyone besides pilar, little ethan and her sister... EVERYONE thinks shes dead, so thats why i say dead, gwen knew and thought theresa was dead too, so yeah to gwen, she only has ethan at the moment, because theresa is dead, at the moment, yes shes in disguise but gwen never knew that, ethan wouldnt be with gwen if THERESA was there, gertrude is there, but ethan obviously doesnt know its theresa, so yes that is the point of disguise... so you dont know who it is, whats your point that shes gertrude? gwen still has ethan only because theresa isnt there as theresa!!!!!

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