FOX, you evil, evil man...

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FOX, you evil, evil man...

Postby mccraw1 » Tue Dec 05, 2006 4:41 pm

I can't believe that he had people disguise as Chairty and Miguel. Miguel really isn't a jerk. Now what? But Fox on the other hand. He has sunk sooo low. He needs to realize the YOU CAN'T MAKE SOMEONE LOVE YOU." But Kay obvioously doesn't love Fox enough to marry him even though she is going to anyway.

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Re: FOX, you evil, evil man...

Postby Kayguel4life » Tue Dec 05, 2006 7:13 pm

ITA...Fox Is A Selfish Bastard You Can See That He's A Crane.

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Re: FOX, you evil, evil man...

Postby Audd » Wed Dec 06, 2006 10:26 am

I use to really like this guy, how did he turn sooooooooo evil, but then again, how did Sheridan to a complete 180?? I have to say this soap is gettin good.

I'm curious how Charity and Miguel were disguised!

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