New SOD/SOW 09/12

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New SOD/SOW 09/12

Postby London-- » Thu Aug 31, 2006 1:12 pm

Ok this comes from The Message Board CoffeeRooms via RAs

Posted by crissydoll on 12:25 8/31/2006:


Richard Steimetz and Brandi Burkhardt have been let go.

Brandi's last airdate is 9/25.

The show is still searching for "Tom", a handsome man in his mid-20's. The audition scene links to the character of Kay, however it reads more like the early interactions between Jared and Theresa.

VCR Alerts/Sneak Peeks:

9/11--Miguel pleads with Kay to marry him instead of Fox. Luis urges Sheridan to tell Chris that they are back together.

9/23--Gwen and Jared team up.

Week of 9/4--Tabitha's condition worsens. Fox contemplates murdering Miguel. Chad plans to meet someone behind Whitney's back. Spike demands results from Chris.

9/4--A very confused Theresa and Ethan have sex.

Week of 9/11-Fancy and Noah reconnect. Ethan and Jared get into a brutal, bloody fight. Miguel puts Kay into a compromising position. Luis' sleep talking prompts Fancy to slap him.

SOD: Interview with Brook Kerr and Charles Divins.

SOW: FYI with Emily Harper.

SOW: Passions: A Fancy kiss for Luis...Luis jumps in head first and plants one on Fancy in the pool this week on Passions. The kiss happens after Sheridan and Chris join them for a swim. "It's an emotional roller coaster for Fancy," explains Emily Harper. "He's never given her that kind of emotion before, so she call him on it: "You did this to make Sheridan jealous." Luis cops to Fancy's charge. "But it the perfect door to open a conversation between Fancy and Luis, because it's the first time he actually admits he 'likes' her, continues Harper. After the two of them put their cards on the table, they decide to go for it. Until..."Luis says, 'Oh, wait. We can't,' because there's the rule that police officers cant date cadets. "So," frowns Harper, "bummer again." Maybe not. Luis says she can quit the training program. "It puts Fancy at a crossroads," muses Harper. "She starts to examine her professional interest in becoming a cop. She originally joined with the intention of becoming closer to Luis. Now, she has to decide if she's willing to give up something that she ended up actually enjoying." In other words, "she wants to have her cake and eat it to," grins Harper.

Source CR

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Re: New SOD/SOW 09/12

Postby Chrissi » Thu Aug 31, 2006 2:19 pm

This is great, Qua. Also we do post our own comings and goings in our news room. :)

Interesting stuff... is it spoiler, fact or rumor? :)

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Re: New SOD/SOW 09/12

Postby London-- » Thu Aug 31, 2006 3:59 pm

Yup I always read your C & gs when I first log onto each soap.

For right now I'm chalking it up as a Rumor -- SOD/W aren't always the most reliable source.

I remember they wrote Tom Pelphrey was leaving and got the info from an "inside source" and Tom later asked where they got their info from b/c he was going no where.

Sometimes it does turn out to be true but I actually ask my insider friend in Cali or I read it from Daniel on TVGuide

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