Something in the water in Harmony

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Something in the water in Harmony

Postby foxsong » Thu Nov 16, 2006 12:36 pm

There must be something in the water in Harmony that makes the residents stupid.Theresa and Ethan seem so mentally challenged that I wonder if they should continue to reproduce 8) . Why didn't T take up Julian on his offer? She could have had JT tell Ethan the truth then double cross Julian by telling the truth about little Ethan. Why did'nt anyone think to rip open Gwen's robe that she was clutching so tightly she was obviously hiding her clothes under it.But then again super lawyer can't tell the difference between his wife and her mom. When will T learn to tape her conversations with Gwen and her mom ? She can run Crane industries(without even knowing it's a public held company) but can't figure out how to get the proof she needs without JT when they are constantly confessing to her ~)

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Re: Something in the water in Harmony

Postby tessno1fan » Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:50 pm

Harmony's residents are byfare the stupidest ppl come to think of it... they are constantly blinded when everything is infront of them!!! In one day Thereasa lost Jared and Ethan. Sheriden is making it so obvious she is still in love with Luis but then claims she loves chris and James... who says she has to be married to Chris to love james ?) Fox is being stupid about his plan to pretend he is dying... I mean the truth will eventually come out why get married to someone knowing they don't love you ~) HARMONY IS JUSS ONE BIG MESS RIGHT NOW!!! 8)

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