Funny article I read (about Passions) that I HAD to share.

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Funny article I read (about Passions) that I HAD to share.

Postby bearrie » Sat Nov 11, 2006 12:34 am

titled: Disharmony.

Some body wrote this into the soap mag and I was DYING w/ laughter while reading it.
What I've learned from watching Passions:
As a woman, it's okay to let a man beat u, rape u, leave u, turn u into a prostitute, not believe u, call u a wh**e, get ur kids to call you one too, reject you for ur sexuality of lack of, cheat on u, act all moral and cheat w/u but not leave his wife because vows are OH SO SACRED, father children but neglect them, kill u, kidnap u, and blame u for their lousy lives. They can do all this w/o any negative ramifications. The writer finishes by saying how such misogynistic venom isn't seen on other soaps to this extent.
For those who might actually get offended by all this, I only want to remind you, that this is what Passions seems to be all about. Also note that I've pretty much kept this in the original writers words. If you can't take the truth,... tough crap.

My 2 cents to this is because, those other soaps don't have the "wonderful" JERk as their writer. How's this for telling great stories? Last bit I MUST add, to those of you "loyal" days viewers. I'm guessing that you consider stuff like this "misogynistic venom" crap worthy of loyalty. In which case, you seem to be in the WRONG Dynasty/century.


Like I said before, there are ALL TYPES of IGNORANT FOOLS out there. As my father loves to say, "There's a sucker born every minute". :D :D :D

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