Who Hates GWEN??????

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Re: Who Hates GWEN??????

Postby Teenie » Sat Jun 28, 2008 6:18 pm

Quote thestar:
Quote Teenie:
Quote destes: Gwen and Ethan were not even engaged. The job with Ivy fell in Theresa's lap when Ivy told Pilar that maybe her daughter could be her assistant.

Theresa became Ivy's assistant and Ethan fell in love with her.

Ethan has NEVER fell in love......Let's keep it real.

what are you talking about teenie? DO YOU SEE THE WAY HE LOOKS AT THERESA ...not even theresa, GERTRUDE AS WELL.. as if he knows that gertrude is theresa, he always talks to her... ethan has never fell in love? haha ok sure, then he didnt fall in love with your lovely gwen either... if he NEVER fell in love, yup not even gwen then... but he did fall in love... do you see how mad he was when theresa died? and what he was saying? .." i wish she was here right now " ...he talks about theresa 24/7 to gertrude, how he wants to be with theresa and not gwen but hes doing it for the kids and hes moving on... ok so tecnically that doesnt mean he loves gwen if hes recommiting for REASONS..
1. because theresas dead
2. for the kids
3. moving on becaue theresa wont be alive..
is what the reasons are, and thats sad that gwen can only have ethan by chance... like theresa dieing, wow.. haha and yet theresa is still the only thing on ethans mind :)

ok. whatever you believe....Don't convince me, sell yourself that BULL!!!!

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Re: Who Hates GWEN??????

Postby Teenie » Sat Jun 28, 2008 6:21 pm

Quote Theresafan18: gwen is just evil....i can't wait till the end and all her lies finally come out i just wish it didn't take this long for ethan to see what kind of person qwen is....can't wait

Y believe Ethan? He sold you that junk on direct tv right?I rest my case

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Re: Who Hates GWEN??????

Postby Marleysmommy2006 » Sat Jun 28, 2008 7:56 pm

I'm not a Gwen fan, but it is my honest opinion that Gwen is only bad because of her mom. Everytime that gwen is about to do the right thing and be mature, here's Rebecca telling her "no, don't do that, do this..." Also I'm realloy confused about everyone's opinions because everyone just seems focused on being more right and more accurate on what has happeneed. It all seems to have become a competition. Everyone should just state whether they are for or against whoever and stop there before they offend someone. It's not that hard to say nothing.

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