What about Fox???

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Re: What about Fox???

Postby Wicked1 » Thu Oct 19, 2006 4:54 pm

The old Fox was better in alot of ways. When the old Fox was on he was the sexy one of the show. This Fox is good looking but not nearly as the old fox!

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Re: What about Fox???

Postby whathappenednow » Thu Oct 19, 2006 11:07 pm

I totally agree the old fox was so much hotter..the new ones not bad looking but the old fox i would go for!!

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Re: What about Fox???

Postby AlyandNyk » Fri Oct 20, 2006 11:42 am

I don't get it, Fox knows Kay and Miguel is messing around, he's see them kiss on more than one time, why don't he confront her or both as a matter of fact? Has he? I'm not sure because when it comes to their scenes I fast forward through it. :-)

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