The next generation of Harmony could have been

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The next generation of Harmony could have been

Postby Axl Rose » Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:02 pm

If the writers hadn't single-handedly destroyed Passions causing this great soap to go off the air, the next generation of Harmony residents could have been:

SORASed Little Ethan Winthrop, Jr. Ethan & Theresa's son
SORASed Jane Winthrop Ethan & Theresa's daughter
SORASed Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald Miguel & Kay's daughter
SORASed Endora Lenox Tabitha & Julian's daughter
SORASed Miles Harris-Crane Whitney & Chad's son
SORASed Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald Luis & Sheridan's son
SORASed Samuel Bennett Jessica & Spike's son
SORASed Jonathan Winthrop Ethan & Gwen's son

This could have been the next generation of Harmony residents, but that means none of them can be a couple except Little Ethan & Endora, Miles & Maria, Jane she can't be a love interest for any guy on the show except Miles because Jane is related to Little Ethan, she is related to Jonathan, Jane is related to Samuel Bennett because he is her cousin on her dad's side of the family, and Marty is also Jane's cousin on her mom Theresa's side of the family. Maria is also related to every guy here except Miles, and Marty he is related to every girl here. Samuel is related to every girl here, and so is Jonathan too

Leaves no romantic love interests for anyone

Unless you bring in new characters for them, new characters who are not related to anyone

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