My New Families Of Harmony

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My New Families Of Harmony

Postby Axl Rose » Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:14 pm

If Passions were still on the air and it didn't get cancelled, I would have brought in newer characters to town, 5 new families on to the canvas so that way there are more than just 4 families in Harmony, and my 4 new families would be as follows:

The Worthingtons who are just as rich as the Cranes, and just as powerful and influential of a family, but the Worthingtons are an oil family, their patriarch Lionel Worthington is like Harmony's version of Asa Buchanan, Lionel is a pure cowboy, who is ruthless, shrewd, and he actually has a heart even though it is as hard as a rock but it keeps him in check unlike Alistair, and Lionel would be all about accepting his family and if they were a long-lost relation to him, he would accept them into his family no questions asked. Lionel would have 4 children, 3 sons & 1 daughter, his oldest son Lionel Jr. who calls himself JR Worthington is Lionel's heir at Worthington Enterprises, but JR is the opposite of his father because JR is the pure family man with children of his own, then there is Lionel's second son Caleb Worthington, and his youngest son named Lucas Worthington, and his daughter named Kelly Worthington

The Taylors who are another African-American family like the Russells

The Kents who are Harmony's equivalent of the Martins of Pine Valley

And my last family would be the Tylers

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