Fox and Theresa/Ethan and Theresa Favourite Times

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Fox and Theresa/Ethan and Theresa Favourite Times

Postby catherineb » Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:06 pm

God I loved Fox and Theresa did anyone love them like i did i was rooting for them like badly :D. Justin Hartley was just so hot for words *). He played his part very well, the way Fox loved and cared about Theresa he would do anything for Theresa he stood up to her when no one else did i mean he stood up to her, to Gwen, Rebecca,Julian and His mother Ivy.I just loved Fox and Theresa they were awesome but also at the same time i loved Ethan and Theresa i was rooting for them from the beginning but know Ethan messed up. I used to love it when Fox called Theresa Step Mommy it was too cute. I wish that Fox and Theresa should have had their little reunion after Theresa had given up on Ethan in Rome they should have reunited them and maybe should have gotten Justin back, because him and Lindsay had some major work they were truly magic together i know they were married. So what's everyone's favourite moments of both Fox and Theresa and Ethan and Theresa, mine with Fox and Theresa was on Valentine's day and when Theresa was locked up Fox was there for she couldn't see her son so he did like some Webcam so that she could see Little Ethan. My favourite scene of Ethan and Theresa was when Theresa was finally breaking up with Ethan you could see Ethan's heartbreak, Fox and Theresa's first kiss you could see that Theresa wanted more lol :-). So what's everyone's favourite moment on each couple

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