Notice To Posters Regarding Message Boards And Writers!

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Notice To Posters Regarding Message Boards And Writers!

Postby Christine F » Wed Oct 21, 2009 10:16 am

Hi Posters,

I just wanted to let everyone know from now on, please do not post questions to our soap writers, regarding the boards or anything to do with the shows or site - rather we ask that you send us any questions, about anything, through the Contact Us section. Jade, Eric and myself are here to moderate the boards and answer all site emails, as we have knowledge of all the soaps in order to answer your show questions for you as well - through email. writers, Amy, Candi, Lori and Matt, as well as our Editor-In-Chief Christine, are very busy making sure that they can bring you all the latest news and information, daily, for your favorite soaps and have no time to be on the message boards - therefore, other than posting links to latest news articles, they will no longer be on the boards.

Our Mod Admin Kat, is also here to make sure the board guidelines are being followed, but again, any questions are to be sent through the Contact Us page - not addressed to any of us on the boards.

Thank you!

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