Ethan and Theressa Fanfiction

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Ethan and Theressa Fanfiction

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Plot of Story
Ethan Crane and Gwen Hotchkiss decided to break off their relationship because they felt the love wasn’t there. However, Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald just became Ivy Crane new personal assistant and Luis disapproved of his baby sister working for the Cranes until she meets the man of her dreams and Luis fall in love with Ethan’s Aunt Sheridan.

Part 1

It is 10 o clock in the morning and Theresa is on the doorstep of the Crane Mansion, She rings the doorbell and Ivy answers the door, Well Hello, Theresa, I know you're excited about starting your new job as my personal assistant, but first let me give you a tour of the mansion.

Theresa says, of course, Mrs. Crane. However, they both run across Ivy son Ethan Crane and Ivy said, Ethan I would like you to introduce you to Pillar’s daughter and my new personal assistant, Theresa, isn’t she pretty and Ethan look into Theresa's eyes and say mother, pretty is hardly the word, she is gorgeous and Theresa say well thank you, Ethan.

Julian comes into the room and said well son, what are you waiting for New Year’s, A knock out like that, You should be “doing it” with her. Ethan said, shame on you father, I am just meeting her and I am sure Pillar wouldn’t want you to discuss her daughter in that way.
Julian say, Pillar is a woman isn’t she, then she will understand man attraction for a fox, He takes a swallow of booze.

Luis knock on the door and say I came to pick up mama, Theresa what are you doing here? She says Luis, I took Mrs. Crane offer as her new personal assistant and Luis said, the hell you didn’t, Come on, Your going home with mama and me.
He grabs Theresa arm and she says stop it! Luis, I am not a kid anymore that you can push around and Luis say but I am still your big brother to protect you.

To be continue

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