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spoiler for sweeps

Postby sweetsunshine » Sat Jan 20, 2007 2:34 am

This what I found.....

Sam is disappointed to discover that she is NOT pregnant,
(and/or she may not be able to become pregnant)
which is hard enough for her to take, but the knife is driven
home because this happens right around the time she learns
that Jason is already having a baby--with Liz.

Rumor has it that...

Skye turns against Lorenzo after Alan Quartermaine's death,
which occurs during a mob related crisis.

Jason is deeply affected by witnessesing his father's death,
which is compounded when he learns the truth about Liz's baby.

The "new" villain is supposedly intent on taking
over Sonny's organization. One source has indicated that he is a >( "father figure" >( .

Heard some rumors quite a while ago related to Scott Baldwin's
return. No idea how true they are but we'll share and
wait and see if they happen or not just for the fun of it:
Word was that Scotty is arrested (possibly on Alexis' order).
Also, a grown up Serena may eventually show up--at
Wyndemere of all places! She supposedly ends up bailing
her father out of jail.

Ted King assures his fans via his fan club overseer,
Debby O'Connor, that he is not going anywhere, which contradicts
our earlier rumor, below.

One of our GHH members reported that Genie Francis
is currently in talks with TPTB for another return to the show. Genie shared this at an autograph signing held in New Jersey
earlier this week.

It looks like the new villain coming to GH-a smooth operator-was a friend of someone from the past, who is no longer on GH.

He may have connections to at least two current PC citizens. His initial appearance is only for several weeks, but he could be back. Meanwhile, he is expected to make quite an "impact" on PC and its citizens.

I've mentioned it before on the board as a vague rumor,
but it looks more and more likely that Georgie is going to
transfer to an out of town college.

Will Lucky work with Ric (and Lorenzo) on a plan
to undermine confidence within Sonny's organization?
Gossip from Rumorville's Town Pub claims its so,
Although Ric and Lucky are assured by Lo that no one will
be hurt,the end result is that several people are injured,
or worse, including Liz. (She will not lose her baby although
there are scary moments later on in the hospital.) Aware that
Lorenzo is on a dangerous and unpredictable path, Ric will
make an unexpected decision. Are the drunkards of
Rumorville to be believed?

Ric may end up shot while trying to save another.
Lorenzo does not react well to being double crossed

Hard to believe, but we are hearing that Nikolas,
not Helena, ends up killing Colleen.

Sam remembers that it was not too long ago that
Liz agreed to be a surrogate for Jax and Courtney...
and the wheels start turning...

Helena has a few questions for Alexis.

New casting may give Lainey a love interest.

Like an annual tradition, a new budget brings new talk
of a location shoot. Hopefully, this island isn't in the
middle of the studio parking lot.

SOW is reporting a rumor that GH is looking for an actress
to play Sonny and Ric's mother, Adella, for a series of

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