The state of GH

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miss opinionated
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The state of GH

Postby miss opinionated » Fri Jan 19, 2007 1:50 pm

I am so FRUSTRATED :0 with the way things on GH are going right now . So many characters making bad choices .

Sonny : when will he ever grow up ? Instead of just telling Carly , how he feels he just plays all of these stupid games . He has absolutely ZERO RESPECT for her . that was my problem when they were a couple before . Yes , Carly lies and has made her share of mistakes , but you could never doubt her love , and respect for Sonny . He makes it impossible for me to root for them because when he was with Reese , and Emily , Sonny just wanted to move on , and do what he wanted to do , making it clear to Carly that they were over . It seems like he wants to get over on Jax . and though I'm not really sold on Jax & Carly as a couple . Sonny is the one that is going to do damage to Carly if he breaks them up to prove a point .

Carly : She says that She is over Sonny , and he doesn't run her LIFE ? Well , don't speak about it be about it !!

Sam : My word , Sam . She should tell Jason about was is going on with her , before it blows up and out of her control . Oddly enough Jason is one of the more forgiving characters on GH . I'm sure he can get past whatever it is she has done . And why go to that space cadet Spinelli for help ? He doesn't even know how to keep his mouth shut . He'll be blabbing in no time . Also ,she should try holding on to a job for more than a week , her frequent job hopping doesn't look good on a resume either . also it was dumb to lie about not knowing Carly , when she applied for her job at the Metro Court . Why tell a lie that could easily be disproved ? She knows both Carly And Jax .

Liz : I have been reading in magazines and , message boards about people voicing displeasure with her lately . She has done wrong , but I think people are too hard on her .There are characters that do far worse . and their actions are quickly forgiven and even justified . Liz is Wrong to lie about who the father of her child is. she isn't being fair to anyone . Also people have been angered about her being so inflexible where Lucky is concerned . I think that she feels guilty because she has lied and cheated also , and that she is developing feeling for Jason . Sometimes when you know you are lying , you feel so on edge because you know you are doing wrong and just waiting for your lie to blow up in your face . Maybe she is afraid to move forward with Lucky , because she is afraid of the truth coming out . That is why she needs to tell him . She should come clean , about EVERYTHING !! , before someone else does it for her . When Lucky was going through everyhting last year he expected foregivness , and maybe he can forgive her , and then they could make positive steps to being a family again , her lying about the baby is going to hurt him in the end . And she should also tell Jason , like I said before , he is one of the more forgiving characters on the show , If she were honest , he could get past it and forgive her , perhaps he would step aside and let her and Lucky raise the baby as their own .

The writers as GH : Talk about The passion of their dispassion . Baby Spencer was kidnapped , and does anyone really care ? They should have save this storyline , for a time when they were able to put a little heart and energy into it . To me it feels like it's just limping along .

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Re: The state of GH

Postby LibertyDawn » Fri Jan 19, 2007 10:04 pm

I agree in some ways here...Sonny how ever, is a man with a dark side and manic illness and I know first hand it is a nightmare and u love one minute and then u doubt all around u and hallucinate the next...right now he is obsessed with Carly.. typical male wanting what he cant have....I would like to see him set Carly Free free to choose.....the harder he pulls at her the more she will pull opposite way.....Its just to sad watching GH right now her heart is broken....Ric is totally making me he can be above the law to do and manipulate what he choose makes him worse then any mob boss at least u know where they are at Illeagal...Ric is using the law to do illeagaly wrong things, cause he hates and is manipulative.....poor Liz has infact lived a LIE so long now that I hope she gets a good break and has test ran again and baby is Luckys.....they could have developed NIC and baby Spencers story better, I do enjoy watching on that note cause it is the closest to a happy ending that I am seeing in sight here......all else seeems to be built on lies and deceit....that was why I was hoping GH would keep to a good story for Sam and Jason..... I guess happy ending isnt thier.....I totally disagree how they will negate the honesty and all that Jason and Sam has been thru, by portraying Sam to be a con and Liar...She has been checked out soo much, and her love for Jason so real....U dont keep trying to find your way back to someone who keeps pushing u away, like those 2 did.......I would so delite in a happpy story fror those 2.....I will probably give up on GH for awhile. If they cant stick to at least 1 good storyline, like I was seeing for Jasam, now all that I have read in the spoilers is for not cause of WHY....?????

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Re: The state of GH

Postby SparkApCider » Sat Jan 20, 2007 4:04 am

I agree with most of what you guys said...but!

I think Ric's manner balances GH's universe. It is a place where the criminals are running a he should get to frame a few criminals every now and then! :D


What can I say? The girl has grown on me. But I hate what GH is doing to the women, Carly included. They dumb them down to fit with Jason and Sonny...

and the only reason this happens is because the head scribes are men.

I am not saying that all women are not needy...what I am saying is that there are not enough women on GH to represent the masses...who are independent thinkers.

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